10 essential revision tips to tap on before your exams!


Exams are around and revision seems like torture. You know it’s a life-saving bliss when a quick revision tip or tricks floats at the right time. This article is here for the same. Let’s dive right into the crucial tips for revising just before the exams.

  • Make a revision timetable: Should revision have a timetable? Yes, it should, it will not only keep you motivated to wrap up your syllabus but also will keep the concepts in your mind, fresh and new.
  • Stick revision notes: Here’s a hack where you can be messy all around the house and your parents will not complain even a bit. Sticky notes! Jot down that important formula or that unreasonable chemical bond on your refrigerator or any place you find.
  • Practice papers & questions: Why be nervous before the ultimate exam paper, when you just can wear off the nervousness by answering multiple practice papers? Today you got online doubt solving apps that help with question banks but also provide practice papers to solve. Get competitive exams, CBSE, SSC & ICSE solutions just on your smartphone.
  • Crucial breaks: Set yourself a time off from revision. Breaks are important because there exams like JEE, VITEEE, BITSAT, KIITEE, AMUEEE or even simply a board exam, can tend to make a student paranoid of knowing all the answers. Hence breaks are crucial in the checklist.
  • Accent variation: Try revising in different accents. Reading with a different tone helps you grasp the text. Hence catalyzing the process of revision. This really can be a hysterical revision tip to try.
  • Heath in check: Sleep and eat properly. There is no way your mind is working to its full capacity if you are physically drained. Keep in check with your health. Engage in physical activity as it helps you stay refreshed.
  • Keep your distractions away: Nudge away the distractions for the time being. Revision is not a short business, it requires your full attention and intention. All of this can be done easily with distractions set away.
  • Create your workstation: It’s important to have a physical workspace. Motivation coming in the form of your favourite superhero toy or that little astronaut lamp can be proven as essential motivating factors.
  • Engage in a new habit: This isn’t too much to ask. A new habit like taking up a book, watching movies, podcasts or whatever your interests are will help you stay aware of inner peace while you work hard on revisions.
  • Competitive exams app: Today competitive exams are overwhelmingly tough. There are tools that help students get their doubts solved instantly. For example Kunduz, a doubt clearing app helps students access JEE answers and practice papers.

So next time when exams are near make sure you follow the 10 essential tips above. Exams are supposed to be stress-free and exciting as you are wrapping up an academic year or closing on a career milestone.