3 Things You Should Know about DUI Education


If someone is charged with a DUI and it’s his or her offense, he or she may be able to partake in a few options to preseve his or her license. One of these avenues is the DUI class. Here are three things you should know about DUI education.

  1. Average Costs

A court-ordered class is only one of the costs someone may need to pay if he or she has been charged with a DUI. It generally costs a few hundred dollars to enroll in a class. If you choose to enter a DUI education program online, the average costs may be different than those of a traditional in-person program. Other costs include fines, court fees and increased insurance premiums.

  1. Related Programs

A DUI education classs may be required on its own or as part of a larger treatment program. Treatment programs can often be ordered instead of more traditional sentencing options, particularly for first-time offenders. Other common parts of treatment programs include rehabilitation, counseling, therapy and drug court programs.

  1. Things To Expect

There are two main aspects of a DUI education program. It should teach students about consequences of conviction, both personal and legal, as well as the effects of alcohol and drugs on safety and performance. It is also meant to educate students on how to avoid the activities and decisions that led them to be charged with DUIs. Many strategies and tips may be discussed. Students should learn to plan ahead so they don’t drink and drive. They should also be taught to make healthy choices, avoid relapses and take responsibility for their actions and choices regarding drugs and alcohol.

Individuals who need to take a DUI class will need to look for certified classes. They always need to make sure they receive and then present certificates of completion to the judges overseeing their cases.