4 Job Application Tips You Need to Know


According to the Bureau of Labor, the unemployment rate is dropping but still has a long way to go. If you’re one of the millions of Americans searching for a new job, you might find that the application process is a little tougher this year.

When you’re on the job hunt, it can feel like there are thousands of positions to apply for, and still, you’re not hearing back from potential employers.

With our job application tips, you can find ways to narrow down your search, find unique opportunities, and stand out from the crowd.

Read on for four job application tips that will change the way you hunt for a job.

  1. Read the Instructions Carefully

You’d be surprised at the reasons some job applications are thrown out before they’re even reviewed. Applicants might ignore formatting requests, fail to answer important questions, or simply apply for positions that aren’t available to them.

If you want to ensure that your application is reviewed, follow all instructions to a T–and don’t waste time applying to positions that are available to specific demographics that you’re not a part of.

  1. Have References on Hand

Not all employers ask for references, but it’s better to assume that you’ll need them and have them ready. Employers tend to narrow down their pool of candidates within the first week of putting up their listing. Don’t eliminate yourself from the process by making them wait for necessary documents while you check in with your references and get their permission to use their information.

  1. Look Beyond the Popular Job Boards

Of course, we’re all aware of job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. They’re useful, but they also receive a ton of traffic.

If you’re having trouble landing an interview, it’s time to look beyond the popular job boards. See what opportunities are coming from within your field, like the ones compiled by Roivant Sciences in the biotech, pharma, and IT spheres.

  1. Always Proof Read Your Application Materials

Don’t hit “send” or “submit” on your application until you’ve reviewed it. We know that spending hours putting together an application doesn’t leave room for a ton of patience. However, you don’t want to make it to that final stretch only to send in sloppy work.

Read over your resume and ask a friend or peer to do the same. Go back and review any application-specific questions you’ve answered and make sure that your spelling and grammar are solid and that you’re happy with your answers. Ultimately, you’re going to have a lot more success when your applications are polished.

Find the Perfect Job with Our Job Application Tips

The job market is more competitive now than ever, and it’s important that you put your best foot forward. With our job application tips, you can find better opportunities and make better first impressions, bringing you one step closer to your dream job.

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