5 Career options to pursue in data analytics


In the last couple of years, a field of data analytics has seen a lot of growth and interest from the beginners. Thus, many youngsters and college pass outs have turnedtowards the data analytics coursesin India.

But what after once you get the data analytics certification? What are the career options you get? If all these questions have been troubling you, then you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of job opportunities you can get as a Data Analyst:

  1. IT Systems Analyst

The role of Systems analysts is to design and use systems to solve problems in information technology.However, what position you are dreaming of requires a different level of expertise. So, even after completing your data analytics training, you will have to work on the specializations as well.

  1. Data Engineer

You may already have an idea about the job role of Data engineers. These people often focus on larger databases and work on optimizing the infrastructure for different data analytics processes. Data engineer needs to perform all these tasks by capturing data for an efficient acquisition pipeline to database upgrade for faster queries. These high-level data analytics personnel are also well-paid.

  1. Data Scientist

Much like the other roles, the job of a data scientistrequires collecting and analyzing data. This data plays a crucial role in decision making for every organization. Data scientists are the ones who can understand and analyze data from a more informed perspective that further helps makepredictions.

Apart from the strong knowledge of data analytics, this job role requires other skills, including data visualization, software tools, and programming languages like Python or R.

  1. Healthcare Data Analyst

Healthcare data analysts canimprove the quality of life of many people. If you choose this job role, you will be working alongside doctors and scientists to help find answers to the questions and problems they encounter.

With technology like Apple Watch and enhanced medical testing in hospitals and labs, the amount of data created by the healthcare industry is rapidly growing. So is the opportunity for healthcare data scientists.

  1. Data Analytics Consultant

The main responsibility ofa data analytics specialist is to provide insights into a company. An analytics expert might be specialized in a particular industry and may work for different companies for certain projects or duration. If you like to change and have narrow interest or expertise, this job role is best for you. With this job role, you can also work remotely although this may depend on the company you are working for.

Pen out your skills, expertise, and interest and grab the opportunity of making a successful career in a data analytics field.