6 Activities Included In Heguru Education 


Instead of hiring a nanny or sending your child to a regular daycare, enrol them in a learning centre that specialises in Heguru education. It is a Japanese holistic enrichment program that has been stimulating children’s right brain development since 1986.

Since children have a sponge-like mind, it is not surprising that they will absorb every piece of information that anyone teaches them. Solidifying the knowledge foundation of your child through Heguru education can help them learn faster and better than peers of their age.

If you plan to sign up your child at a  learning centre that offers Heguru in Singapore, here are some of the activities included in Heguru education.

1. Photographic Memory

One of the first activities your child will encounter is a photographic memory. It is the ability to recall an image or something from one’s memory. To stimulate this, teachers will begin the Heguru approach by flashing three images of different objects and asking your child to remember what they are and their correct order.

2. Story-Telling

Another use of flashcards is to use them for story-telling. Children will become more familiar with the story and understand the plot if they can picture the scenario. Doing this process helps promote creativity and improve the level of imagination.

3. Categorising

Besides teaching children what is right and wrong, knowing how to differentiate between things can help expand their general knowledge. This right brain training in Singapore begins by showing different things through flash cards, and children will arrange these by type from flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc.

4. Odd One Out

To strengthen the observation skills of children, they use the odd-one-out approach. They will show a series of pictures, and children will determine which one does not belong in the group.

5. Letter Recognition

Another right brain training they include in the daily Heguru activities in Singapore is letter recognition. Teachers will show an image of each letter with its corresponding sound and example, enabling children to memorise the pronunciation. Children also learn how to write through letter recognition by tracing each letter shown on a flash card or paper.

6. Puzzles

This activity works on colour and shape recognition. Children will have to complete the puzzle using a block of shapes with different colours.

Drop by Heguru Method or contact them at +65 6466 6580 if you want to learn more about how their right brain training in Singapore works so you can enrol your child at their learning centre soon.   


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