Additional Maths Tuition In Singapore: 3 Signs That Your Child Needs Help In Maths


There is no debate that maths is one of the most complex subjects at school. It is natural for some students to struggle with it. Having difficulties in O level A math in Singapore affects not only grades and academic performance but also the student’s self-esteem and confidence.

As parents, it is our job to help our children whenever they feel down and defeated. The best way to support them is to enrol them in an O level maths tuition in Singapore.

Here are the signs that your child is having difficulties in maths:

  1. Slipping grades

The most obvious sign that your child is struggling with maths is their slipping grades. Maths is a cumulative subject, meaning it builds upon itself. Think of it as a stack of blocks. When making a tower of blocks, you must ensure the base or the bottom-most part of the tower has a strong foundation; otherwise, the tower will wobble and tumble as it reaches a certain height.

It is the same with maths. If the student lacks mastery of the basic foundation of maths, they cannot move up to the next level as swiftly as possible. Their grades will begin to drop. The key is mastering the foundation. Additional maths tuition in Singapore can help students grasp the basics of mathematics.

  1. Lying about their homework

Students lie about their test scores when they know they are low or completely failed the exams. Sometimes they will say that they answered the tests just fine. More than lying, students are more afraid to disappoint their parents, hence they hide their test results.

Parents can show their support to their children by enrolling them in Sec 3 A math tuition centres and tutorial sessions. They can introduce maths techniques and try different approaches, making maths lessons easier to digest and understand.

  1. Spending more time working on assignments

Some students are perfectionists or will not proceed to the next question or homework until they get the correct answers. It delays the student’s progress in their assignments. The harder they find the right answer to the maths questions, the longer they spend working on their homework.

If you notice these signs on your children, ask them if they are having difficulties with the subject. Then you can suggest enrolling them in an O level maths tuition in Singapore.

Your child doesn’t have to suffer if a maths tuition centre can help them improve their performance in maths.

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