Annyeonghaseyo! Here Are 8 Words To Learn Korean Easily


Annyeonghaseyo! Are you on the verge of taking Korean lessons online because you want to learn the language? Travelling to South Korea to learn Korean can be discouraging, considering the expenses. While Korean classes can help you learn Korean online, watching your favourite K-dramas is also effective in learning the language.

Some of the frequently used words you will encounter in K-dramas are:

JAGIYA. It is an endearment Koreans use for their partner, which means honey, babe, or darling.

OTTOKE. If you take Korean lessons online, there are high chances of encountering this word. Ottoke means what do I do?

OMO. Another word to help you learn Korean is Omo, which means Oh my! You may have heard this from lead actresses in K-dramas all the time. Omo is an expression when they are in shock.

KAMSAHAMNIDA. To learn the Korean language, you also need the basics. The most common way of saying thank you is Kamsahamnida.

OPPA. When a woman wants to call her boyfriend sweetly, she calls him Oppa. Oppa is one of the endearments you will learn from Korean movies. However, it can also refer to an older brother, older male relative, platonic older male friend, or male idols and celebrities.

JINJJA. If you want to speak like a pro, you have to learn the different expressions of the Korean language, such as jinjja, which means really or is that true.

JOESONGHAMNIDA. Some other ways to say sorry in Korean are mianhaeyo, mianhae, or mianhamnida.

SARANGHAE. Another word you may encounter in taking Korean lessons online is saranghae. It means I love you. When you meet your favourite Korean actors, say saranghae!

There are so many ways to learn the Korean language. You can look for various online resources, enrol in Korean lessons or classes online, or watch K-dramas on Netflix. The key to learning Korean is to start from the basics, work your way up to the advanced lessons, and take a Korean proficiency test.

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