Apply to at least 10 Good Quality MBA Schools


An MBA is currently one of the most popular professional degrees in the world and India is no exception to it with the Master of Business Administration program enjoying unprecedented popularity in the country. An MBA degree from a well-established business school or institute can open new vistas of career opportunities for you by preparing you well for a dynamic and increasingly competitive business world.

A good mba colleges in mumbai or for that matter anywhere in India is designed keeping in mind the market requirements, and in close coordination with faculty members, and industry experts. The result is that such institutes generally revered for their academic excellence, internationalization, and the quality of their research, develop highly competent managers capable of tackling complex business problems with ease.

Reputable business schools have programs that seek to prepare students for mid and senior-level management positions by acquainting them with all aspects of the business including accounting, finance, operations, marketing, human resources, systems, etc.

top colleges in mumbai from a well-known business school equip candidates with an in-depth understanding of the global business context and build the skills necessary to excel in complex international settings in top management positions or to start their entrepreneurship venture. This is made possible by world-class faculty, state of the art infrastructure but most importantly by a curriculum that is a judicious mix of theory and practical.

With tuition and other fees for this two-year postgraduate program in business management running into lakhs and very rigid and strict admission policies of top business schools, an MBA is a serious investment of time and money. Your MBA degree needs to generate a sufficiently high level of ROI to justify the pursuit of a notoriously difficult MBA degree.

Fortunately, the demand for qualified MBA professionals in India is high with graduates from top business schools normally getting a seven-figure annual salary on average. This allows them to pay back their loans and recover other expenditures in a couple of years after joining the company of their choice.

Bottom rung institutes on the other hand neither have the faculty or the infrastructure to provide you with any meaningful education during your two-year degree program. You are most likely to find yourself in a rut after completion of your MBA program as degrees from inferior institutes do not command a premium in the job market.

It is not easy to get into a top business school and second-string business schools do not offer top placement opportunities. This is a dilemma that gives sleepless nights to many individuals preparing for their MBA entrance exams. Questions of admission, affordability, selectivity, and location among other things are always going to be presently ready to haunt those who do not have the right answers to them.

In the following paragraphs, we shall look at some of the important points which shall help you choose the best management school for yourself which offers that magical match between your skill sets and your career aspirations.

Cast a wider net

Different business schools have slightly different selection criteria. Some may give added weightage to an aspirant’s work experience whereas others may lay more emphasis on a candidate’s communication and negotiation skills as demonstrated in group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) round.

This is the reason it is suggested you cast a wider net by applying to a mix of different top-level business schools. You never know what is going to happen in the \, so you have to mix things up to increase your chances. A CAT, MAT, or XAT score plays a decisive role in a selection process, but it is not the ultimate criterion which is ‘be all and end all’ of all things when it comes to securing a seat in a prestigious business school.

You can increase your chances of securing admission in reputable post-graduate management programs of reputable business schools by applying to at least 8 to 10 management institutes. Amongst this, apply in two A+ institutes (a highly competitive school), three A level institutes, and four B level institutes. Always, remember that having a smart business school selection strategy is key as schools get more and more competitive.