Awesome clay project ideas for your kids


For improved learning and retention of knowledge, kids need tools and toys. These tools may be in form of a visual aid or something that will keep them physically active. A practical example is when they paint and mix art colours.

Clay is a very useful material. It is used for so many household and kids products. Without clay there would be no way to produce tiles and some other ceramic materials. Although it looks rough and ugly in its raw state, refined clay is usually a thing of beauty. It can be used to make things like flower vases and some other materials used for interior design or decoration of an apartment.

In this article, our focus is on clay for kids and how to improve the creative ability of your child.

Examples of clay projects for kids

With polymer clay, kids can try out almost anything. This type of clay is easy for kids to manipulate and it has a fast baking time. Some other types of clay do not even need to be baked at all and they are safe for kids to try their hands on. Clay project ideas for kids include

  1. Wooden beads
  2. Clay snails
  • Flower bowls
  1. Clay medals
  2. Clay fish
  3. Rainbow pot
  • Alphabet containers
  • Clay bowls
  1. Key holders
  2. Dinosaur fossils

How to mould clay

You may need to help your kids whenever they are trying their hands on something new. So, you must also understand how clay works and the qualities it has so that you can offer proper guidance to your kids. These guidelines will be very helpful.

  1. Prepare your clay: You must first understand that there are different types of clay. While some clay types are hard for kids to try their hands on, others are soft and practicable. Good clay is soft and handy. The next line of action will be to knead the clay so that debris and bubbles of air can be eliminated. The entire clay preparation process is often referred to as wedging. This involves continuous pressing and rolling the clay until uniformity and homogeneity is achieved.
  2. To mould the clay, your fingers will need to be very active especially if you desire to use the pinching method. This should be easy for kids to do though. It involves applying force to the wedged clay until the desired shape is achieved.

What is the best clay for sculpting?

The best clay for sculpting certainly has to be air-dry clay. This type of clay makes for a good and strong finish. Apart from that, there are little or no cracks when using it. It also helps you save materials since less clay will be needed to carry out a task. The air-dry clay also dries faster than most other types of clay.

Wrapping up!

Kids learn better when they practice and get their hands on stuff. As a caring and responsible parent, you owe it as a responsibility to your child to provide tools needed to improve creativity and intuition. By practicing and carving things out of clay, the child will develop a creative instinct that will stand him in good stead when he eventually comes of age. This is the foundation of education.


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