Becoming a Child Actor at the Right Age


If your child is constantly performing for people or to their stuffed toys or if they are the first people to volunteer for a school play, then it is possible that your child can turn into the next big super child star.

But, even if your child is someone who has a natural born talent, there is still so much you need to learn in order to bring out the best of your acting abilities. And because of that, many people do not know if they have what it takes to be an actor at a young age. Fortunately, we have worked with people who help guide young aspiring actors into their budding careers and we have even had the opportunity to talk to actors who have been in the show biz for many years now – such as Robert Harris.

Robert L Harris, who is also better known for his stage name Robert Harris, is a highly acclaimed American actor, producer, musician, and entrepreneur. What really kick started his career as an actor were his days at the church when he would sing there as a child. His voice had immediately captivated the audience and soon enough, talent agencies were reaching out to him all the time.

After much contemplation, Harris decided to secure a recording deal that came his way and eventually started performing as a voice over artist with Disney and on The Sandlot. Moreover, Harris also ventured into the food industry around 2012 to 2013, just to broaden his horizons and see where they would take him. His acting career never stopped – you would constantly find him appearing in baby commercials and he even became the recipient of many awards over the years for his fantastical performances throughout his childhood years.

As someone who is so experienced in the acting industry and has dealt with the way things work around among child actors, he believes that children can become actors at any age but it is still important for parents to take the time to understand when they should let their child enter the acting industry.

0 to 4 Years Old

All babies are cute. You might have even been stopped at the street just because people want to admire your baby – or someone might even come over to you to ask if you would be interested in letting your baby into an acting career. So if you have a baby that can handle being separated from you, and if you are willing to do the schlepping, then we suggest that you should go for it.

5 to 7 Years Old

This is the time when your children are undergoing reading so make sure that your child can read out loud – but also try to make it fun so they can enjoy the process as well. You can get your kids into acting classes at this point but do not overburden them with too much work at this stage.

8 to 11 Years Old

This age group is ideal because agents and managers love working with kids around this age. They are disciplined enough to work for long hours, they have not developed any acne yet, their voice and height is still of a child so there are a plethora of roles that children of these ages can go into and represent themselves on a larger social platform.