Challenges faced by ngos in India and its solution


Most of the non-profit activities are engaged to enterprising non-governmental organizations. To assist the local and startup business ranging from humanitarian and rural development is the main focus of NGOs. There are around 3.7 million NGOs worldwide and it is estimated 2million ngos in India. The United nation created the first NGO in 1945 that gave permission to have observer status at some of its meetings. Here are some of the challenges faced by NGOs and their solution.

Lack of funds:

There are lots of NGOs that do not run due to insufficient funds. It is important that gaining access to appropriate donors is a difficult task that challenges more. It is better to approach local donors instead of going with international donors because there is an only limited resource available to NGOs. The funds are reduced because NGO suffer from lack of projects, organization and financial sustainability.

Poor networking:

Commonly, NGO have a lack of effective governance. Governance is the defective part when it comes to NGO as it has an inability of time, effort, inefficiencies and conflicting strategies. There is always a threat to their goals and mission that perceive NGOs. Most of the NGOs do not work based on communication so there won’t be any issues with networking. NGOs do not maximize the usage of current technologies that could facilitate its enhancement.

Limited capacity:

Their missions are fulfilled as it often lacks technology and organization capacity. Some companies invest in training for capacity building. The factors like governance, leadership, and technical areas are affected due to weak capacity. So it is an ngo to have a proper capacity to achieve its goals.

Solutions for its challenges:

Locate opportunities:

It is important to find an appropriate grant funder to focus on its mission. Finding a proper funder is an important thing when it comes to locating opportunities.

Round of application:

The funders or the donors must be given with proper criteria and right information. The guidelines must be clear enough to avoid disqualifications.


The organization must give a proper proposal that must be well-written and error-free to get the approval process fast. Ngo has high-quality team members to work with to add necessary information and elements that are present in the fund proposal.

Income generation:

NGOs help to generate income with its assets by renting or building, offering training, providing consultancy, selling and creating products and trading.

Therefore NGO has lots of challenges to be faced to its development. It is easy to fulfil its complete task of finding donors. There are lots of NGOs in India providing its services worldwide and making more companies to become an NGO serviced company. It also helps to increase the country’s economic growth and helps in improving its necessity. There should be minimized use of the internet, social media, and basic website platforms. Thus it helps NGOs make a greater difference in this economy. NGOs are becoming naturally more efficient, streamlined and effective thus it has on-demand advice from experts


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