Debunking the Myth that Passing out from a Medical School is a Herculean Task


Passing out from a medical school with flying colors is not easy; no two thoughts about that. But there are several aspects for which you need to think positively about it. I am one of the graduates from Windsor medical school in the Caribbean, which is a prestigious institute of learning for anyone interested in this field.

I want to share my experience with you as to how I have got through the five years of my study. And what factors you must look at to make things easier for you as studying medicine for 4-7 years at a stretch and passing it admirably is no easy feat. If you want to know the secret, this blog will help you alot in getting to know what you need to excel in medicine.

Help from Peers and Teachers 

Never underestimate the power of the help and assistance that you can get from your classmates and professors. While this is not something unique or a factor that no one knows, you need to use the help you get from your classmates or teachers in a better way. Pay attention to what your seniors and professors tell you and spend time in the classroom listening closely to the lecture without indulging in other activities.

Studying medicine is like many other fields of study where you can pass out by writing the information that you have in the exams. In this field, you have to write and have to know exact and precise knowledge with terminologies to pass through. That’s why you need to think about the help you will get from your peers and professors at something vital.

Use of Latest Technology 

The use of the latest technology like smartphones and the internet can offer you the latest information and knowledge about the subject like no other. One reason for this is because the textbooks we study in our classrooms were published at least 1 to 2 years ago. Technology changes at a rapid pace, and the field of medicine is no different. New inventions and information about humans and plants are published all the time in medical journals. To get the latest information, the internet is the best tool.

For preparing notes and completing assignments, libraries are considered the best way forward. But as mentioned above, use the latest technology so that you are equipped with all the latest information. That’s why digital libraries can be more effective than a conventional library. One good reason for this is that you can get access to all the magazines, books, and medical journals to publish the latest information. You may not get access to those books or magazines in your library. That’s why a digital library is a much better option.

The Desire for Excellence 

Becoming a doctor just for the sake of getting the degree and a good job shouldn’t be the way forward for a student of medicine. The desire for excellence in this field is what can make you grow as a person and also as a student. When you think about how you can excel in this field and get all the knowledge, the studies will become easier for you as it will be easier for you to grasp everything that is being taught to you.

Passing out with flying colors is one aspect that students look forward to, but only one student achieves the best result and secures the gold medal. It is akin to getting to the pinnacle in medicine as many students dream of it. Excel in this field, and there is no way that you are not going to pass out with distinction, and then getting a good job for further studies will be a piece of cake for you.

Organize Yourself

If you act on the aspects mentioned above that I have described, you will automatically become well organized, and passing out will not be a problem for you. But there are other aspects when we talk about being organized as a student. Waking up early in the morning, reaching the classroom before the start of the lecture, listening to what every professor is telling you, and asking questions to learn everything, are some other factors.

Being organized will help you in becoming not just a good student but a brilliant one. Stay ahead of your competition by becoming a student to set the example for the others to follow. Once you will start the following everything and have a perfect routine for the studies, ten out of ten times, you will have no worries in passing out. Even you can have a shot at getting the distinction in your studies and the recognition in the form of a gold medal or other certificates/accolades.

Extracurricular Activities 

Studying all the time will not help because you may get exhausted after some time. For a fresh mind, your brain also needs some space, and you can get it by opting for some extracurricular activities. This is not limited to playing sports like tennis and baseball; this can be related to any physical activity that can help you refresh your body and soul. Just a walk in the park for half an hour will be enough for you to get some fresh air.

You can also hang out with your friends, enjoy a movie or have fun in the open space with your classmates. Taking time out from your busy schedule will not be an easy task to do, especially if you have to complete lots of assignments. But think of it as an important factor that will help you reach your goal in refreshing your mind. This will make your cause better in passing out, with your mind and body perfectly in sync.

Over to you

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