Different types of research 


The world revolves around data and information and the dawning of the 21st century has seen the race for data and monetization of the same in unprecedented ways. However, all these have their source from research. Research is the systematic investigation of a subject to prove an already established study or to get new information on the same. However, given that data is grouped differently depending on its characteristics, then research is also tailored to the needs of the data. What are these types of research?

  1. Qualitative research

The measure of quality is well represented in non-numerical data and this exactly what qualitative research is aimed at collecting. Qualitative research is mainly used in social sciences and humanities as they do not require numerical data to present their data. Subsequently, data collection is done easily as it relies on opinions, feelings, observations and views of the subject.

  1. Quantitative research

Quantitative research on the other hand presents a contrast to qualitative research. This is because it looks to express the quantity and this is measured by the use of numbers and figures. Quantitative research calls for mathematical analysis and statistical analysis. The data is usually presented in tabular forms or any other prescribed form.

  1. Descriptive research

Descriptive research is a kind of research that seeks to answer the question ‘what’ in research. To answer this question, the researcher is looking to understand the specimen in terms of the characteristics and properties. The question ‘what’, is fundamental in research as it describes what you are working with, in details. This type of research can be done by simple means of observation and interaction. On top of the basic question of ‘what’, it also describes how, where and when aspects of the specimen

As you have observed by now, most of these research methodologies, are named by their characteristics. This allows you to know which approach to go for and what it entails. There are a lot more types/ methodologies of research that are applied in different settings. When handling academic papers, you can always opt to go for an expert writer’s help in your paper. You can never go wrong when working with professionals.

  1. Case study

A case study, as the name, suggests, is a review of a real-life occurrence in the context of an already established principle. By doing a case study, a researcher is looking for the practical application of theoretical principles in real life and at the same time reviewing how similar cases were handled in real life.

  1. Applied research

Applied research is the kind of research that is done to solve a specific problem affecting a group of people or individuals. This kind of research, unlike the others, is not only aimed at attaining extensive knowledge on the areas under scrutiny but also give solutions. Applied research is always considered incomplete with the aspect of giving a solution. It is very common as it has real-life application in every aspect of humanity.

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