Everything You Should Know about MLA Sample Paper


MLA formatting style is one of the most frequently used for writing academic works. Like any other formatting style, it has particular requirements to follow while completing the paper. Any MLA paper must have at least the following aspects:

  • Page numbers
  • Student’s name, tutor’s name, the course title, and date on the first page
  • Title of the paper
  • Text of the paper

As usual, works cited paper and in-text citations are required as well, but there may be exceptions when no sources are needed.

General Requirements

MLA paper must be double spaced, written in some proper font like Times New Roman, using 12pt size. The margins on all sides must equal 1 inch. Use the “Tab” key to add the indents instead of pressing the “Space” bar.

Page Numbers

In MLA, page numbers are usually placed instead of the header, in the upper right corner of the page, beginning with number “1” on the first page of the paper. Right before the number, insert your last name.

First Page

The first page of the paper must include information about the author, tutor, course, and date. All these data must be placed at the upper left margin on separate lines. After double space, the title of the paper must be present. It must be centered and written in Title Case. Double-space again and begin adding the text of the paper.

Text of the Paper

As usual, the text must comprise at least three parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Each chapter must have a heading. The introductory part must include a thesis statement that should be later restated in the conclusion. The body of the paper must consist of at least three paragraphs.


The best way to format the paper in MLA properly is to look through the sample paper. On the internet, you may find various examples of such papers to use. Moreover, the example may turn out to be even more informative than the general guide.

Source: https://wr1ter.com/mla-sample-paper