Five effective ways to improve your Maths Score using NCERT


Mathematics is the type of subject that provides a very effective way of building discipline. The subject builds the foundation for developing an analytical mind and also encourages logical reasoning. The knowledge of mathematics plays a very crucial role in understanding the contents of the other subjects. The subject also helps to increase your brain power and improve all aspects of your cognition.

Following are the five effective ways to improve the Maths score using NCERT-

  1. Try to understand every topic or concept fully.

One should refrain from moving away from the subject without understanding it to the fullest capacity. Hence, every student should solve as many sums as he can. One should be able to learn the subject merely out of curiosity instead of just remembering it. Class 9 is a grade that is a building block to the 10th grade, and many students use NCERT solutions class 9 Maths for solving the problems.

  1. Write the mathematical procedures.

When practicing questions and using notes as a guide, they should write all the mathematical steps correctly before proceeding, as this subject requires step-by-step representation. You will come across several different methods that are used in the problems involving the same concept, and you should try to use the method that you find easy to grasp. All the steps that are in the solutions are curated by the experts. They are to the point. You should write good mathematical explanations as it will improve your knowledge. The NCERT Solutions class 9 maths have all the mathematical procedures that are written topic-by-topic.

  1. Maintain a mathematics notebook

Whenever you are trying to solve any mathematical problem, you should write down what will help, and the writing tips while solving the problems might help you later. You should also jot down all the essential points while studying, enabling you to remember things later when you revise. You should try getting the hang of the concept or the problem first and then try to solve it. To solve any question, you should try to understand it first. You should try writing the method in your own way as it is a great learning experience and you understand the loopholes.

  1. Maintain a separate register for all the formulae, theories, and methods.

Maths is all about formulae, theories, and methods, and you should maintain a separate register for them. This practice is beneficial when you are doing your last-minute revision and can quickly get an overview of any topic. Learning all the concepts and theory is easy, but learning their application is not very easy. Hence, if you want to score full marks in Mathematics, you should solve each question by yourself. The NCERT solutions class 9 maths has a different theory, methods, and formulae section.

  1. Answer in steps

You should pay special attention to the steps you are writing as Maths is a subject that can fetch you full marks if all the answers are written correctly. You can secure marks for each step.