Four Awesome Tips to Approach Changes to HOA Rule



Homeowners’ Association (HOA) rules may be a part of governing documents that keep neighborhoods running smoothly; however, these rules can change over time. Such a change can happen out of necessity or by the request of a community member. To make the right decisions for your neighborhood, here are some tips and how phoenix hoa management companies can help:

Read the Documents

This is important before you approach change. Your management team can offer the Declaration, Bylaws, as well as rules and regulations you will have to review. By doing your research, you can understand whether or not your goals can be attained or what you must do to implement the change. 

Ensure the Change is Worth the Effort

At board meetings, ensure your voice is heard. Ask questions about the changes. Also, consider reaching out to fellow community members to find out if the changes you want to propose are worth the investment and time. Keep in mind that making your opinion known on this topic will help make the proposal get noticed by the board that can help in pushing policy changes along. 

Remember that the Board Has a Process

Even if the proposal is deemed beneficial to your community, the change will not happen overnight. Often, there is a process set in place that lets community members give their feedback, ensures the process is properly outlined, and makes sure there is time to prepare a draft of the rule. The board should operate under the bylaws that outline how to make the changes. 

Let your Management Company Help

Professional HOA management companies can help make your changes benefit your community by explaining bylaws and helping with the document organization. If your community still does not have a team of managers on your side, now is the best time to make a change that matters. 



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