Further Education As A Way Of Advancing Your Interests


When you decide to ‘get ahead’ in this life, you’ll invariably find that having some type of higher education is a necessity rather than a luxury, particularly in the business world. Where previously a high school education gave you enough of an advantage in life that you could still forge a better world for yourself and your family, today that’s not so much the case. Today earning potential is increasingly associated with your level of education, and your learning potential. Try to have a career in the fire services for instance and you’ll quickly see how important it is to have the relevant educational qualifications.

However, whilst this might seem as though we’re saying it’s an ‘all or nothing’ situation, that’s not the case at all. If you didn’t get a higher education the first time round, it’s not too late. You haven’t permanently ‘condemned’ yourself to a life of average achievements and limited earning potential! Indeed, rectifying the matter could be as simple as enrolling in your closest community college. Most of these educational institutions offer a range of courses for students of any age, from all walks of life. Many run both day and evening classes, making them ideal for students who have a full time job or other full time commitments.

Another very good reason for considering community college or an online certification as a launching pad for your further education aspirations is that they’re more affordable than a full-blown university course. Most colleges are also commuter colleges in that students don’t live on site but commute there for lessons. Obviously an online degree can be done at home.

If you’re considering community college right out of high school, and aren’t too sure of your future career aspirations, a two-year course to test the waters could be a good idea. Alternatively, for someone who does already know where they want to head, or is already established in a career and wants to further their education in this area, some community college programs and online certifications are transferable to a university degree.

Even if you’re not interested in furthering your career educationally but want to pursue other interests you have, community colleges or online training offers a range of vocational programs. This means you can continue working whilst studying from home to further other interests you may have. Perhaps you want to volunteer your time to your community and a college degree will help you with that. Maybe you want to move into a related role where your current qualifications are required but you need to obtain further ones in this newish career.

Changing Careers Without Compromising Your Current One

A police officer for example may decide to become a professional fire officer. Instead of quitting the police force and trying to study without an income or a guarantee of a job at the end of their training, he or she can complete approved online fire certification classes in their own time whilst still employed in their current job.

So long as an institution such as the Florida State Fire College, or the equivalent in other states, has approved these classes, completing them will allow him or her to qualify for their new career without compromising their existing one. Then, if everything goes to plan and they pass the relevant state certification exams upon completion of the course work, they can apply for positions within the fire services. That’s just one example of the many options available to those who already have a profession or job but are considering a ‘sea change’.


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