How an MBA Coach Helps Applicants Get Into Business Schools


Creating an achievable career path takes work but offers tremendous rewards. It is a step-by-step process that often includes getting a Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA). This is where many people falter, especially if they have set their sights on schools like Wharton, which only accept 20.6% of applicants. With that in mind, many recent college graduates now get help from a Personal MBA Coach. These experts help clients set goals, arrange for tutoring, and learn interviewing skills. They also help waitlisted applicants take steps that give them the best chances of acceptance.

Coaches Help Students Plan for the Future

MBA coaches recommend that applicants create a plan three to six months before applying to their preferred schools. Good decisions in these early stages can make all the difference later on. Those who prepare early often have better chances of getting scholarships. Planning services include:

  • A discussion of the applicant’s background, work experience, education, and extracurricular activities
  • Tips on how to strengthen profiles in areas that include extracurricular activities and job background
  • A suggested school list that can be adjusted as GMAT/GRE scores and experience change
  • A strategy for the time between planning and application year (service includes four 30-minute follow-up calls)
  • Job help as required if applicants’ circumstances change

Students Can Get Tutoring

Personal coaches help applicants improve their chances by strengthening weak areas through tutoring. MBA coaches offer custom study plans and schedules designed to help candidates achieve their goals. Coaches work with a limited number of students and offer boutique tutoring services. Their only goal is to help clients succeed.

Interview Preparation Is Part of the Service

For many candidates, getting invited to interview at their dream school is as terrifying as it is exciting. Each college has a unique approach to the process. MBA coaches offer school-specific interview prep. Former MBA interviewers hold mock interviews for all the top colleges. They can provide the most current questions and explain the types of answers each institution looks for.

Schools like Wharton conduct group interviews, which require a different kind of preparation. A top-notch personal coaching service includes former Wharton interviewers who can walk applicants through the process and ensure they do their best. Coaches teach candidates the types of qualities interviewers look for and explain how applicants can set themselves apart from the crowd.

Professionals Offer Waitlist Strategies

Even well-qualified applicants can be waitlisted, especially if their target schools are elite and accept very few new students each year. Unfortunately, wait listing puts candidates in a kind of limbo that can lead to bad decisions. MBA coaches offer help. They review each client’s situation and offer guidance that improves candidates’ chances of being accepted.

Coaches explain what not to do as well as what actions to take. Professionals review candidate’s applications and then call them with suggestions for boosting their chances. Coaches may edit a waitlist update letter.

The competition for the best MBA programs is fierce, and those who are accepted are often the best prepared. With that in mind, many candidates work with MBA coaches who can help them prepare to apply and provide tutoring to strengthen weak areas. Coaches also provide custom interview prep and waitlist strategies.