How can you differentiate between the state board and CBSE?


When we order in online, sometimes the outer appearance seems to be the same and nice. But after the delivery, you may experience the difference. Likewise, the state board and CBSE schools are providing education to the students. But so many differences are there. Let us look at how to differentiate the state board and CBSE in this post.

Grading system:

You can differentiate the state board and CBSE easily by looking at their grading system. The state board grading system may differ from state to state. But CBSE follows the same grading system all over India, and it is so uninform. The grade and grade points will boost the students by classifying them as outstanding, excellent, good, average etc. It had a special structure for its grading system.


The State board syllabus will concentrate only on local relevance concepts, state-level topics, and tradition, and it gives preference to regional language and culture. The CBSE schools having a central level syllabus which will be more effective for students in learning. They will focus mostly on science and mathematics, which are basic for a bright future. Moreover, they will often review and update their syllabus. It is easy to find many top CBSE schools in Pune. Choose CBSE schools in kharadi for the benefit of your children.


In state board, mug up is the way of learning anything. The student can answer the questions by mug upping them. But it is not possible in CBSE. In CBSE, you need to understand the concept, and then only you can answer it. Which offers the best of learning for your children. It is full of thought processes in CBSE. Top CBSE schools in Pune use scientific learning techniques to develop the students.

The lift of life:

Education is a lift in your life. You can travel the entire life and move to the next level of life through your education. If you study on the state board, it is easy to complete your schooling. But you can’t go for next level in life without stress. But if you studied in CBSE, it is a tough task until completing the schoolings. But you are ready to face this world through your knowledge and explosion. You can easily clear exams like NEET, JEE etc. It will uplift your life easily.

Creating creativity:

State board fails to create the creativeness of students. They are repeatedly doing the same process every day. Giving importance to other activities is less as they are much focused on marks. In this case, CBSE schools balancing both studies as well as other activities. They will push out the students’ creativity differently by conducting games, scheduling art and craft classes, etc.

Effective communication:

Students on the state board are mostly speaking in their regional language. So when they complete their school, they will face more struggles in communication. English is a common language which you can manage to speak everywhere. In CBSE, they will teach in English, and you are not allowed to speak in your regional language. And also it motivates their students to participate in many competitions that will help them to reduce their stage fear and will develop their communication skill effectively.

Bottom line:

Thus, this is the difference between the state board and CBSE. By considering all the differences, select the right school according to your child’s needs and wishes. CBSE is the best recommendation by many people for better education.