How to Compare the University Courses?


Are you a student looking to pursue university education? Well there may be hundreds of universities out there and even if you have filtered the best few for you, the choice can be difficult. 

For most of the students, too many options are just overwhelming and at the top of that they have to deal with the opinions of people who do not really know much about the specific course in particular university, i.e. friends and family.

At times, you may also hear statements like, do it from anywhere; what difference it makes, after all it’s MBA which is the same everywhere. Interestingly, no two reputed universities offer identical courses for the same degree, which makes the choice even harder for the students with better decision making ability.

6 Points to Consider When Comparing University Courses

When comparing university courses, it’s important to consider the following points.

1- The reputation and ranking for the course, i.e. search for the best business schools in the UK if you want to pursue an MBA.

2-  Consider the course structure, the modules and the timetable. It is important to make sure the course matches your preferences. Follow a career oriented approach and look for answers like what can I do with my degree, what job options can I have with specific modules and so on.

3- If you are based in the UK or looking to pursue higher education in the UK, do not forget to check the The Key Information Set (KIS) which is a useful course comparison tool to help you analyze different courses and make better judgement of courses.

4- Explore student forums and social media groups and ask questions about quality of teaching, campus environment, networking opportunities, career prospects etc.

5- Do not forget to ask the recently graduated students about their opinion after completing their course, what kind of job they found and how much they’re earning etc.

6- You may not want to miss the details like course costs, including university accommodation and tuition fees when selecting a university.

Concluding it all…

Choosing the right course at a university that suits you most is not easy, but if you follow step by step procedure as mentioned above, you can make an informed choice on time. Whichever the course you choose, make sure to consider where this choice will take you once you’ve graduated.