If you are longing to visit any of the foreign countries like the United Kingdom then as per the requirement of the Home Office therein, you need to acquire and pass an English test that is required for you to effectively launch your papers either for immigration purposes to apply for the spousal visa or partner visa. In my case, if you aspire to work and live in the United Kingdom, you need to have a basic knowledge of English. You need to be proficient to speak well and understand their language and way of interacting- talking. There is a basic requirement for the Home Office to check that you could interact well and understand the language. Thus, you need to crack the a1 level of English. However, if you wish to extend your further stay there with the successful extension of the visa, suppose for two and a half years or five years then you need to pass a secure a2 level of English language test in speaking and listening.

As per the new rule which was introduced long back in 2010, the Home Office requires UK marriage visa applicants to embark on an a2 English test. Passing the test would ensure that they can speak and understand English like a child aged 5 or 6. This is a test for those people who would love to settle abroad to accomplish their goals with their life partners. Though not very tough, yet you need to have basic academic skills in writing, reading. You must be a patient listener to understand their way of talking and grasp it by reciprocating through speaking properly. For some people, the parents who wish to settle abroad with their son or daughter need to apply and crack it so that they would be able to communicate thereafter.

If you are strong with your grammar skills and vocabulary, then you would be able to write effectively. To get yourself hands-on with this you need to read books, articles, magazines, listen to songs and watch news and movies in English. You may also pen down your experiences based on true life stuff which would also give you a new flair of writing and you can have your expressive style of playing with words. The a2 level English test also deals with speaking English fluently. Most of the people are afraid to speak or they stammer. You can gain confidence through practice. It is always better to keep a record of your conversation while practicing so that you can check out your flaws later and could rectify it. This way you will be able to improve and gain a better hold on the language.

Whatever knowledge you have gained so far from your educational carrier will be of use now. You can make the most of it by practicing English day in and day out. To grasp the listening capability you need to add up to your patience level. You can be hands-on with it by listening to English songs or watching English movies. That way, you would be able to get familiar with their accent much easily which would later help you to pass the test and communicate thereafter in the UK. You can also gain much confidence through reading English books. If you could nail the way of scanning and skimming, then nothing could be easier than that.


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