Finding a scientific journal for your research paper can be difficult. There are many journals to choose from, and it is often hard to find the right one. This article will walk you through five simple steps that will help you find the best academic journal for your work:

Define What Type of Research Paper You’re Writing

The type of research paper you are writing is necessary because it can help narrow down the search for a journal. Support forums such as Bentham Open are a great resource to help you narrow it down.

Which Academic Journal is Right for Me?

Determine which academic journal would be appropriate for your topic by looking into what is published by that journal. Some journals specialize in specific topics or subtopics, while others publish work on any subject.

Search for Relevant Journals

Search for scientific journals using databases like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and PubMed; these three databases will provide access to thousands of scholarly publications in your field of study.

Locate a potential journal such as Bentham Science for your research paper through an online search engine by typing in the publication’s name and the word “journal.”

Find Out Requirements for Submission

Find out if there is an article submission process or email to reach out to the editors about publishing your work in their publication. Many journals require authors to submit through an online form; some also request you scan and upload a copy of your manuscript, while others may simply ask for contact information so they can get back in touch after the editors have read your work.

Do Your Research

Research how long it takes to receive feedback on manuscripts submitted by authors and what types of reviews they provide (peer review). This will give you an idea of whether this journal is a good fit for your paper or needs revisions before submission. Be sure to contact the editorial office in advance about any potential delays.

The last step is to submit your research paper! Be sure to follow the journal’s guidelines for formatting and include all required elements, such as a title page, abstract, references, and figures or tables. Remember that excellent research takes time, so be patient while awaiting feedback from the editors.


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