How To Launch Your Career as a Massage Therapist


Massage therapy is vital for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. After graduating from massage school, you can ensure a successful career by following these tips.

Focus on a Specialty

Most massage therapists specialize in a particular type of massage. Attending an Atlanta school of massage therapy is an excellent way to learn aromatherapy, craniosacral massage, deep-tissue massage, reflexology and other modalities. Choosing to specialize in one or two areas will help you to advance your knowledge and technique.

Don’t Overwork

Massage therapy involves considerable physical effort on the part of the therapist; therefore, you should plan to take breaks between sessions and limit the number of clients you see each day. In addition, you can take better care of your clients when you care for your muscles and joints.

Update Your Technique

As a massage therapist, you will want to know about any advances in your field after graduating from massage therapy school. Updating your knowledge and technique will allow you to meet your state’s certification requirements and make you more effective at your job.

Decide Where You Want To Work

The job outlook for massage therapists is rising, and many therapists can find work at traditional massage therapy establishments after graduating from massage school. Still, these are not the only options for licensed therapists. Many massage professionals can work at wellness salons, chiropractic offices, fitness clubs, vacation resorts, and other establishments.

Massage therapists frequently open private massage practices or work as independent contractors traveling to their clients, thereby reducing their overhead.

Understand Your Options

Choosing to work for someone else or yourself means understanding what each option involves. For example, you will need to follow a schedule and procedures that someone else determines as an employee. On the other hand, opening an establishment will require you to get business and accounting training. Starting your career by working for someone else can help you decide if entrepreneurism is the path you want to follow.

Training to become a massage therapist can lead to many career options.