How To Protect Your Child From Bullying: Linbrook Private School Care Guide

Private Schools in Ontario

Bullying is one of the most severe challenges in today’s classrooms. Unfortunately, no school is exempt from this. Many parents, however, resort to private schools in Canada to help protect their children from bullying for a variety of reasons.

Small Groups

Bullying situations may be less likely to go unnoticed if the teacher-to-student ratio is lower. Teachers may be able to spot youngsters who are bullied more easily. More monitoring may prevent bullying from occurring in the first place. More monitoring can help minimize acts of bullying because most bullying occurs in settings where students assemble, such as classrooms and school grounds.


Private schools have the financial means to provide all children with their required attention. In addition, they are likely to have specialized programmes and resources in place to deal with any potential behavioural problems. This may reduce the likelihood of children becoming bullies in the first place. In addition, private schools have greater staff and resources to deal with any emerging problems.


Since private schools typically have the most up-to-date technology and equipment, school grounds and computers will likely be more constantly monitored. Bullying occurrences, including cyberbullying, can be prevented with better technology. Filtering software installed on computers, for example, can help to prevent cyberbullying. Some schools address the problem by placing closed-circuit television cameras throughout the school and its grounds.

To create a safe and caring school and community, it’s critical to address the indicators of bullying early on before the behaviour, and its consequences intensify.

As a parent, you can help your children avoid bullying by teaching them how to:

  • Take care of others, get along with others, deal with furious feelings
  • stand up for themselves in a confident yet non-aggressive manner

Children must understand the importance of reporting bullying. Parents can assist their children by encouraging them to discuss what is going on at school, in their neighbourhoods, on the bus, etc.

For Parents

What is The Definition of Bullying?

Bullying is defined in Ontario’s provincial legislation as a student’s persistent aggressive behaviour that is intended to have the effect of, or the student should know is likely to have the impact of, causing fear, distress or harm, to another individual. Bullying can manifest itself in various ways, including physical, social, psychological, or academic damage and liability to a person’s property or reputation. Bullying can also make a school atmosphere unfriendly for an individual. Bullying happens when a relationship’s actual or perceived power imbalance exists due to size, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexuality, race/ethnicity/religion, or other factors.

What Is The Definition Of Cyberbullying?

According to Ontario law, cyberbullying happens when a student participates in bullying behaviour online and involves activities such as creating a web page or blog while pretending to be someone else. Assuming the identity of another individual as the originator of content or messages that have been posted. Distributing materials or messages to multiple people or placing them on an electronic platform that one or more people can access.

If Your Child Has Been Bullied Or Has Been Subjected To Cyberbullying

If you learn that your child has been bullied at school, whether via school personnel, your child, or someone else, you have the following parental rights under existing legislation:

Parents With Children Who Are Being Bullied or Who Have Bullied Others Should Follow This Action Plan

Allow yourself to process the events and emotions. It can be devastating to find out your child was teasing, bullying or even cyberbullying someone – or that your child was bullied or cyberbullied by someone else. Listen carefully to the details and, if required, state that you need some period to process it before proceeding.

Keep in mind that you are a primary role model for your children. Kids are on high alert to what their parents do and are influenced by their behaviour and words. If your children witness you interacting nicely with others and being calm in the face of arguments, they are more likely to do the same.

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