Is it possible to gain bachelor’s degree in ACCA by studying ACCA online?


The ACCA also known as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a globally recognised professional accountancy body. The qualification that it offers is instrumental in opening various doors of opportunity in the field of finance and accountancy. Moreover, since the certificate is recognised in over 180 countries, you have an ample amount of choices as far as finding a suitable job is concerned. Not being limited to options helps you explore the job market in various countries and also accelerates your success rate.

Though, to achieve all this you have to clear the ACCA exams which have a rich curriculum focusing on important topics that pertain to the global financial/accountancy landscape. To clear the 14 exams, you have to start preparing in advance and ensure that you cover the entire curriculum well in advance, leaving enough time for revision and practice questionnaires.

Students who register for the ACCA exam will get access to the ACCA learning community and connect with fellow students which will be beneficial in the learning process. Yet, studying by self is integral to be able to understand the substantial syllabus.

For many opting for ACCA online course at this juncture is a more practical option. While the course can significantly impact your career but being able to find enough time and devote yourself completely to studies is often difficult for working students and professionals. These affordable courses can be highly useful as they are offered in a traditional classroom like set up and the programs are delivered by qualified and experienced digital instructors.

Also, this way you are easily able to juggle other important things without missing out on your ACCA preparation. The environment in which you study is also an important part of the whole learning process. Online ACCA allows you to study at your own convince ensuring that you don’t miss out on any class or topic. You can watch a certain video numerous times and can also contact the tutor for any help. Further, the bitesize video assures that each topic is broken down and hence you don’t have to study for hours at a stretch.

This method of learning is not just fast and flexible but it ensures that you cover everything of importance. The systematised way of studying is hard to achieve otherwise but the online trainers ensure that students completely understand each lesson thoroughly. As the tutors are trained by top educational technologists and have a good amount of experience in imparting lessons, they are able to assist each student in understanding even the complex topics.

Hence, if you opt for flexible ACCA online course, then you stand a better chance at obtaining the degree as compared to other students. This way, you will be well acquainted with the curriculum and will have received complete training on how to attempt the question paper.