Life of an international student in Canada


Before looking for a stay in York University Housing in Toronto it is important to understand the lifestyle of a student in Canada.

Known for diversified culture and friendly people, Canada welcomes students from all over the world.

Here is the basic lifestyle which international students can enjoy in Canada.

Home type feeling

Canadians have manners and behaviour which is polite akin to community-oriented people who encourage foreigners to retain and share their own cultural practices, similar to Americans and British. Canada also has a reputation as one of the safest countries on earth. The nation’s easy-going attitude makes it a homely place to study for international students of any background.

Opportunity to enjoy Sports

Student Life in Canada is a reflection of Canadian culture which is jointly influenced by British and French traditions but its historical openness towards immigration makes the country a melting pot of many different cultures. Canadians are big fans of professional sports, most popular being the National Hockey League. One can find that almost all Canadian cities host numerous sporting events, theatrical productions and musical performances with many emerging artists often playing at university-campus venues.

Education and university life

University or College Life for higher education in Canada encompasses college and university and each of them offer unique opportunities for learning and growing. College or vocational school the days are filled with career-focused learning in a very practical way because in addition to attending classes one is required to experience, gain and record the practical experience first-hand. A good example is shooting and editing own videos in broadcasting or working with patients if you want to be a dental hygienist or spend the day designing and constructing kitchen cabinets to harness a career in woodworking. In short, plenty of opportunities to practice skills in real work environments are available to be taken advantage of. At university, days include lectures and labs, tutorials, or workshops. This variety is what university life is all about, offering a mix of learning and doing simultaneously to help and prepare for a future career. The professors and instructors schedule office hours for students to meet with them, discuss assignments or questions. Each class has at least one teaching or lab assistant—usually a graduate student in the field of one’s choice, always available to provide extra learning support to students.

Post Graduation and work life

A Graduate or Postgraduate student in a master’s, Ph.D., or doctoral program in Canada one is expected to attend classes and spend much of the time doing original research or fieldwork for the final research project, thesis, or dissertation. One has to thrive under the expert guidance of Canada’s renowned professors, researchers, and instructors. It is also possible to work on campus as a teaching, research, or lab assistant. To work and study in Canada one has to adhere to the rules of the study permit. International students are allowed to work jobs on campus with a valid study permit but they must ensure that the company is legitimately university-affiliated. Off-campus work is also allowed for a maximum of 20 hours per week but only if one has the possession of a work permit or a study permit stating the eligibility.

Networking and social life

Every level of higher education in Canada is a student life that is a huge part of one’s life-time experience. College and university help to connect with friends and colleagues who will remain valuable contacts throughout the career or possibly life-time. Enjoying a fun and active social life—whether it’s meeting friends for coffee, going out to pubs or clubs, experiencing the city outside of school hours or traveling around Canada during study breaks with friends is also the promising part of this experience.


Canadian cuisine goes far beyond the maple syrup and routine stereotype as the nation offers a diverse set of dishes catering for every taste. One can sample the traditional French feyer offered up in Quebec or the smoked meats, bagels and tarts. These cuisines owe their existence to the country’s Jewish population and most international students in Canada are likely to find something to remind them of home.


Most universities provide on-campus housing which have dormitory-style dwellings that may or may not come with shared amenities such as kitchens or bathrooms. Students who are uncomfortable with this option look for off-campus housing. One can look for York University Housing Toronto and find a comfortable place to stay.

Variety of programs

An international student in Canada enjoys a number of benefits from the countless on-campus programs for integrating students down to the immigration programs designed to help facilitate permanent residency applications.

Apart from the programs designed to assist students in school, the Canadian government both at the provincial and federal levels also offers an array of immigration programs to help international students transition to permanent residence after graduation.