Make early learning better with AR for kids


The foundation of every child’s education and his/her interest is formed during the early periods of their lives. Their dreams and ambitions are set by what they see and what they are inspired by. Learning through books and plain texts might not be the best way to bring the best out of the young mind of a child. Children are creative and use their creativity a lot more than an average adult would. Their way of learning should also be creative just like their minds are.

Animals are something that intrigues almost every single child in their early stages. The various types, sizes, shapes, and colors of animals and birds are tailor-made for the creativity filled inside the hearts and minds of little kids. Be it an everyday puppy or bigger, more fearsome creatures; animals have always been fascinating to both the young and old but especially catch the attention of young minds. Teaching children simple things like colors or words is often made easier by associating it with animals.

Early methods of this can be seen with textbooks with colorful 2-dimensional images of animals, birds, insects, etc. Most of us adults started off learning from these colorful textbooks. It’s 2021 now and the concept of paper and physical books are starting to get obsolete. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality do the job of books but in a much more fascinating and detailed manner. An android augmented reality app or something similar in nature that helps display images in a much better manner and show a figure in a 3-dimensional way can be much more effective to help students associate various things together. AR for kids is something that has been explored for a while now and using the technologies of Augmented and Virtual Reality, the method of education could become a lot more fascinating for kids. Associating colors, numbers, and figures could become a lot easier with the use of 3D figures in education.

Let’s take animals as an example. Describing an animal by words can never match the quality of having an actual figure in front of us. The evolution of simple words was a printed picture. A simple image of an animal makes it easier for the child’s creativity to imagine the animal is mentioned. Things keep evolving and a 2-dimensional figure on paper needs to now evolve into a 3-dimensional figure shown on a screen.

3D AR animals for example can display a lot more than a 2D figure as a complete view of the animal can be displayed to the kids. An interactive 3D model that can show the size, shapes, colors, and various unique features of animals can help the creativity of the kids to grow even further and a lot more information can be remembered by actually seeing it right in front of them. Education, like every other field, needs to keep evolving. With the availability of new technology, education needs to be integrated so that the process of learning and teaching becomes easier and a lot more interesting for everyone involved.