In today’s scenario, most of the jobs have gone digital. Last year when lockdown befell everyone, they were forced to move their business digital and work from home. On one hand this caused many people to lose their jobs and on the other hand many new opportunities rose. Whether you are a freshman or someone who is recently unemployed, looking for a job is an exhausting task. There are many parameters to look for while searching for a job. Luckily enough, this task can be done smoothly as well as can yield better results in finding jobs with the help of the internet and many job search mobile applications available in the market. These apps help you look for different types of career options – government jobs, hospitality jobs, telecalling jobs and many more.

The most important thing for you to do first is building a resume. A resume is very important when it comes to hiring. You can find many examples and templates of professional resumes online and thus using that you can build your own resume. Make sure to not stuff your resume with a lot of words. Dont miss out on filling any contact information, achievements and skills, this is your chance to write what you have achieved up till now in the resume. Before looking for a job, decide whether you want a full time or a part time job. Search filters are available in these job search apps that let you set your parameters like salary expectation, availability of work from home, preferred location and many more factors. Use these filters and search for a job that fits your requirements, skill and experience. Next step is to apply to the jobs in the app and wait for their reply.

Once the company you applied for replies with a positive response and schedules an interview with you, then start preparing for the process ahead. After that comes researching the company you are applying for a job in. Go to their website, see what the company does and note who their clients are. This information may help you in your interview. There are many resources available online that will help you give better  interviews and as a result, land a job. Even in times like these, there are many job opportunities available out there, from a zomato job to senior analyst in private companies, for example. Try searching for a job as early as you can.

Some job search apps like apna even offer means to learn for everybody. You can take advantage of the daily activity and improve your english. Not only that but this app also offers business and government exam preparation groups for like minded people to come together and learn. The conversations in these groups are informative and doubt solving is a major of the group’s activities. These groups not only help you learn but also help you build a professional network.

Happy job hunting!


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