Preparing For Basic Training Education


If you’re headed off to military basic training in the future, you might be worried about how to prepare and what to bring with you. All branches of the military provide basic packing lists. It’s best to follow them closely and avoid bringing extra items that you won’t need.


Most branches of the military will provide you with everything you need to wear the entire time you are in training. Except for a few items like white tube socks and sports bras for women, don’t bring more than one or two non-military outfits. Most likely, you won’t be able to wear them even in your leisure time. Once you get your uniform, you will need army name tapes to affix any special insignia.


Before you head off to camp, make sure that you have adjusted your diet away from fast food and sweets to healthier fare. You will need to build up your strength with lean protein, green vegetables and plenty of water. If you have a soda or caffeine addiction, try to break it before camp.


A huge component of basic training is about getting in shape, but you’ll be much happier if you’re in decent shape before you go. You do lots of running at boot camp, so start that at home. Gradually increase your distance until you can run 5-10 miles without stopping. Between runs, add in some strength-training exercises.


Basic training can be tough on you mentally especially if you’ve never been away from home for so long. Go into the boot camp with a positive attitude and know that the 3-6 months you spend training is about physical and mental transformation. Always keep the end in mind and do not dwell on minor failures.

Big changes await you in your new life as a member of the armed forces. Everyone involved wants you to succeed, however, so do what it takes to give yourself the best chance of success.