Preparing for the GAMSAT Exam in an Effective Manner


The GAMSAT exam is a competitive exam that is designed by the ‘Australian Council for Educational Research’. It provides rank to the potential students who can study medicine in the medical schools of Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The GAMSAT exam is the entrance test for medical studies. The GAMSAT exam is divided into three sections. The first and third sections consist of multiple-choice questions. The second section consists of essay writing.

The first section of the GAMSAT exam tests the reasoning skills of one in the subjects of humanities and social science. The second section that is essay writing tests the English written communication skills of one. The third section tests the reasoning skills of one in the subjects of physical science and biological science. Overall, the GAMSAT exam tests the logical reasoning and problem-solving skills of one. The GAMSAT exam can be given by even non-science students. Students from any subject background can pursue the study of medicine. Also, the syllabus is the same for both science and non-science background students.

Here are some preparation standards that one can follow to prepare for the exam effectively:

  • It is suggested that one should plan and start preparing in advance. It is usually suggested that one should be consistent in preparation. This will avoid any kind of rush for one as one has prepared for the exam in advance.
  • There are a lot of study groups where one can study for the exam. Healthy discussions are done there and one can learn new lessons from there. Other than this there are certain institutes such as grad ready gamsat that provides for preparation of the GAMSAT exam. One can get the right learning material from here and can prepare well.
  • The thought process of one plays a major role in the exam. The thoughts of one should be built along with the practicing. Just going through the books would not help one in giving the exam rather one should practice them to learn about the concepts.
  • Rather than solving the questions, the GAMSAT exam is about having logical thinking and reasoning. One should build that so that it can be applied in any kind of question. No question should seem like a total blank for one.
  • To answer the first section, one should read newspapers daily so that one is familiar with the current affairs.
  • To solve the second section in a better way one should read novels and plays. This will help him in writing better essays. One can also practice writing through different books. Also, one should follow simple writing to write a better essay. The practice will also help one in better management of time.
  • To prepare for the third section one should study biology and chemistry.
  • To have a better knowledge of the exam one should practice previous year papers. This will give one experience.

Hence, if all these standards are followed one can easily and effectively prepare for the GAMSAT exam.


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