Some essential and stylish PowerPoint Color schemes


In all types of presentation looks plays a great role since the more it looks attractive the more it will be able to capture the attention of the viewers. In the case of PowerPoint presentation or any other designing tool color can either break or make a design. It is generally seen that a PowerPoint presentation looks different on a computer or tablet or projected screen and this happens because of the color of the presentation. It is observed that darker color schemes look very attractive on a computer screen whereas the lighter backgrounds are ideal for any type of projected presentation. Hence, choosing the right PowerPoint color themes is very essential.

There are several color schemes that you can use in the PowerPoint presentation and when it comes to choosing a color in the PowerPoint presentation you first need to know where the presentation will be displayed. Some of the common color schemes that are highly used in the Google slides templates

Presentations are Modern Blue theme, Blackish and Yellow theme, Monotone Greens theme, Orange and white theme, Baby Blues and Gray theme, etc.

Modern Blue is a very attractive color that can certainly add the right flair to the PowerPoint presentation. You can add this color to the presentation without overwhelming the content. Black and yellow is a harsh combination but it can set the tone of the project which should emanate the strength. These types of colors easily soften the harness. Monotone Greens is a combination of a dark and light green color which gives a nice and neutral feeling in your presentation. The orange and white theme is another great combination and this combination of color can be used for a larger portion of the content in the presentation. Light Blue and gray themes can be used for any calm presentation.