Something to know about the EPSO test


The EPSO selects potential employs for their EU institutions in Europe. They conduct a series of tests to pick out the best candidates for their institutions. If one passes the exam then they can get jobs in various European agencies and institutions like the court of justice, European parliament, the economic and social committee, and more.

The pre-selection test of EPSO-

There are different types of EPSO preselections test that one must be aware of before applying for a position at any of the European Union institutions. These tests info are listed below-

  1. EPSO reasoning test-

These tests will asses the candidate’s ability in abstract, verbal, and numerical reasoning. This test can be given in the candidate’s first language. This test involves multiple-choice questions where there are given few points and candidates must choose the correct answer to it.

  1. EPSO situational judgment test-

It is considered to be one of the most important tests to clear the EPSO exam. If one is desperate to get a job in the European institution them he/she must be very much prepared for this particular exam. In this test, they will give the candidate a realistic but hypothetical task that may occur in the professional environment.

 They will then give the candidate four courses of action from which two must be chosen. One should be the most effective and other the least effective and the other two neutral options should not be chosen.

  1. EPSO E-tray test-

It is also a test in which the candidates are put into realistic situations and then are told to solve them. In this, the candidate will be mailed and e-mail which will have a call to action kind of thing. Then a circumstance is given then few choosable courses of action are provided to them. This exam will be conducted in the second language of the candidate.

  1. EPSO Accuracy and precision-

This is especially for the one looking for an assistant position. This test will give candidates 40 questions to solve in only 6 minutes and this test is taken in the first language of the candidate. The candidate has to search for the mistake and solve them.

The other two tests are office skills test and EPSO prioritizing and organizing test. These are for the position of assistant. EPSO prioritizing and organizing test will have 40 questions to solve in 30 minutes and will test for the speed and organization. While the office skills test will have 30 questions to answer in 30 minutes which will test the use of IT-based tools.

Bottom line-

These were the different tests of the EPSO exams. Click here for more information on the EPSO tests.


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