When it comes to education, families have various school options to consider. The most economical decision is to embark on a public-school education. However, many families choose a more private route that provides many opportunities for their children. Below is a closer look at private schools and the many benefits of enrolling your child at a prestigious institution.

Class Sizes

Private schools, such as The Perse School Singapore, are well known for their one-on-one attention regarding the students in the classrooms. The teachers are highly trained in specific subjects and deliver the subject material well. Because class sizes are limited, teachers have the opportunity to work closely with any student that may need extra help.

Smaller class sizes not only allow this type of instruction but also allow the children to interact more with each other. Smaller class sizes will help them gain confidence when it comes to public speaking and giving presentations.

A Variety of Academics and Extra Curricular Activities

A child’s mind can be compared to a sponge in that it absorbs so much knowledge at a young age. Private schools provide a variety of primary subjects, such as math, science, geography, history, a foreign language, and more. They will then get the students’ creativity flowing by utilizing the different art programs offered. If your children enjoy sports, they will have an opportunity to play a variety of sports that contribute to their development and growth.

Students will have a deeper understanding of rules, concepts, tactics, working together as a team, and being able to strategize effectively. Every type of physical education will contribute to the child’s growth and will teach them determination, resilience, and respect for one another.

Morals and Family Values

Many families choose a private education because they want to uphold their family values and morals. A private school education makes this much easier to accomplish than by sending your child to a larger, public school. Private schools require tuition payments throughout the school year, which is very different than public schools. Because of this, many families are unable to send their children to a private school.

The families that do find value in a private school education are often more aligned with your values. Families that invest in their children’s’ education tend to be more involved in their curriculum and everything else surrounding the students’ academic year.


Private schools are not forced to meet government’s standards and are able to make up their own rules and establish disciplinary actions for those students that do not abide by the rules. Private schools are looked upon as being prestigious, so this gives parents the assurance that their children will be held to a higher standard and discipline will be enforced.

Private and public schools are both great options for children when it comes to teaching various subjects. If finances are not an issue, families may choose to go the private route when it comes to their children’s education. Regardless of which option is chosen, parents should be involved as much as possible.


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