The Dominance of English Language In the Global Economy


English as a language is spoken by 1.5 billion people worldwide in addition to the 360 million native speakers of English. It is estimated that more than 1.9 billion people speak English, which is more than 23% of the world population. This is the reason why is a lot of stress put on English and its learning, so much so that many websites have emerged offering to help you learn English online (Belajar Bahasa inggris online, which is the term in Indonesian). 

Reasons behind English Dominance over the World


  • The British Empire: A quarter of the earth’s area was under British control in 1922. The British Empire is known to be the largest empire ever. The means of education in these colonies were basic English learning and communication. So as they say, morning shows the day, even in the case of the language the same thing happened. Due to the expansion of the British Empire, English from the ancient days has been a ruling language.
  • The United States of America:-USA was formed as a part of the British Empire before. But talking about the present global scenario, The USA, and other native English speaking countries are the developed countries with the USA being a superpower and a dominator of the global business, so with power and influence, the English language has managed to dominate the global business


The dominance of the English Language on Global Business


  • All major documentation works are all done in English.
  • International treaties, business deals, reports, economic statistics data, etc. are in the English language.
  • English has become a globally accepted language.
  • Almost every product available in the market and English description or anything is written on it.
  • The standard medium of exchange and conversion is the US dollar.


How to Cope up with this Dominance?

Whether accept it or not, the English language has dominated the world from a long period of time and will continue to do so until it is opposed by strong competition. Well, what is to be done in this situation is often a question. This dominance cannot be changed over-night. And as English has become so important in the global scenario, it is essential for every individual to at least have a basic knowledge of the language. Many old and mid-aged people are opting for online English classes where they learn English online with easy methods.

English is the mode of communication we cannot ignore. We must accept it and be a part of it. Without communicating with others one cannot survive. And to progress and communicate on a global level, English learning is a must.


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