The most important questions to ask in a virtual campus tour

The most important questions to ask in a virtual campus tour

You can have an opportunity to see many cautiously curated pictures in advertising pamphlets and on social media during a college visit. Asking sensible campus visit questions can assist you to know the college better.

During college campus tours, try to interact with lots of present students. Do ask them what they like and hate the most about the college.

Sensible questions to ask on a college tour

Questions related to academics

  1. What is the average size of the class?
  2. Who will be taking the classes? Teaching assistant or professors?
  3. How many classes will be there in a semester?
  4. How many students can decide to study abroad?

Questions related to admissions

  1. Does legacy play a role in admission procedure, and if it does, who is viewed legacy?
  2. Are there any majors for which registration is limited?
  3. Are there any exemptions to your test-optional plan?

Questions related to financial help

  1. How many students get financial assistance?
  2. How much financial requirement does the school generally meet?
  3. How much additional money do I need to pay apart from the room, tuition, etc.?
  4. How do outside scholarships impact financial help packages?

Questions related to campus and community

  1. How do students select a residence and a room partner?
  2. Are students required to reside in college?
  3. What do the campus and community feel like from a security viewpoint?
  4. How would you express the nearby area and the bond the campus has with it?
  5. What is the view of students on residing and dining on campus?
  6. How much time does a student spend on studies?
  7. What do the students do when they are outside the classroom?

Questions related to work and research opportunities

  1. What sort of career guidance is provided by the college?
  2. Are co-operative or internship openings available by the college?
  3. What kinds of research openings can students use outside of the classroom?

Questions related to student results?              

  1. What is the retention rate from fresher to sophomore year?
  2. What is the typical amount of study loan debt upon graduation?
  3. Is there availability of career counselling services for graduates or just for registered students?
  4. What are the requisites to graduate in 4 years?

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