The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Exams



Every student must have gone through quite a several competitive examinations in their life once, whether it be the government ones like SSC CGL, IBPS RRB, or some other kind of entrance exams like CAT, MAT. Every year, a manifold number of students participate in these examinations to secure a seat for them. Usually, the students after accomplishing their senior secondary opt for the competitive exams. At the moment, they are going through a lot of brainstorming pressure, majorly due to exam preparation. 

“How to prepare for exams” is the biggest obstacle that the students face. From which book should I study from, how to remain focused, are some of the more questions that hinder them? Thus, to solve this issue, we thought of jotting down an ultimate guide to competitive exams where you will get most of your queries resolved.

So, without wasting another moment here, let us get straight to the guide.


  • Preparing a map before you go on a trip!!!


Analyzing the exam pattern will tell you everything about what you have to study.

Depending on the exam for which you are preparing, the study material and approach differ; thus, analyzing the exam pattern remains on the top priority. Yes, it might be the most obvious point of all and advised to the aspirants, but still, many fail to implement it. Without a profound knowledge of the exam structure, you won’t be able to distribute your time among more or less important topics. 

  • Be Decisive What You Choose To Put Into Practice 

Competitive exams often cover a large amount of syllabus and study materials, which on the whole, plunge the students in confusion. For various exams like SSC CGL syllabus you might also have felt annoyed in the exams when there are plenty of books and notes to study from, some recommended by your friends and some you have researched. 

The key here is to choose a book that covers the entire syllabus for you and is also in a language easy to understand. So, rather than collecting a pointless pile of books, choose study material wisely. 


  • Time is running out!!! Don’t kid yourself!


This point, I think, doesn’t require any explanation. Wondering why? Well, it is because many of you have already experienced this feeling when you are left with less time, and a large amount of syllabus is yet left to be finished. Procrastinating the things onto the next day will only leave you with disappointment at the end; thereby, you need to be consistent. 

Don’t make a schedule just for the sake of satisfaction but follow it as well. Consistency in your practice schedule will allow you to cover every aspect of the syllabus and have ample time for mock tests. The mock examination helps a lot, and many websites provide you with a number of those like for SSC CGL you can browse SSC CGL mock test over the internet.

Wrapping up my final verdicts here, I would like to mention one thing: Give your mind a stress-relieving exercise!! While religiously studying for these competitive, the students often forget to relax their bodies and minds to help you deal with the exam pressure. For this, you can go for simple Yog Asanas, go for a walk in a park, something that lasts long. Lastly, all you have to do is start your preparation with a pure and positive belief to let nature attract some positive outcomes for you.