Is there a better moment to be writing fantasy than now? There’s also never been a better moment to write fiction than now. Fantasy, once a niche genre, is now ubiquitous in contemporary culture, from Harry Potter to Jon Snow parodies. Authors like Federico Carro, Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, and Patrick Rothfuss continue to interpret, subvert, and expand the genre daily. Furthermore, the general public cannot get enough of it, demonstrating that there is an industry for fantasy – and it is a sizable one.

So, where can you carve out a niche in today’s talent-heavy landscape if you’re an author? Federico Carro is the best counsel in the quest for the best writing advice. Carro is an Italian author and writer born in La Spezia on June 15th, 1991. He grew up in Vernazza, surrounded by its beautiful nature, spending his time drawing and painting landscapes and gathering inspiration for his subsequent works as a poet, painter, and musician. This is what he had to say about writing fantasy,

Identify your target audience.

According to Federico, “if you don’t know your audience, you’ve already made an error. Oh, my market is fantasy,” you would say, waving your Creativeness. Is your story steampunk, urban fantasy, or grimdark fantasy? Is it aimed at kids or teenagers? Are there any elves or advanced technology? Is it set in the present day or reimagining a different era? Indeed, “fantasy” is such a vast genre that you’ll have to delve deeper to uncover your niche — but it’s crucial since your subgenre impacts not only your characters and location but also your rivalry and readers.

Dip your toe in the water for a start

Did you know that before starting The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien authored a slew of short stories set in Middle-earth? He needed a place to start. Writing short stories featuring some of your protagonists is an excellent way to flesh out your world. So, don’t worry if you haven’t been able to write a full-fledged novel. Instead, dip your toe into the water with short stories.

Make your worldbuilding a part of your story.

“If you want to be unique, consider what sets my world apart.” notably, a rich world can play an essential role in your story, just like any other character. The plot and the worldbuilding should be in sync.

Plot your story

Good morning, darkness, my old pal. Planning is even more critical because fantasy stories are typically intricate and vast. You don’t want to step over all 99 of your narratives by accident. You don’t want to be the author who comes to the end of a book and learns they neglected to tie a knot in one of the plot lines. Federico advises getting a broad idea of your plot before starting to write. “Knowing your story first will help you understand your world much better,” he explains. “After that, you can utilize the plotline as a skeleton to demonstrate where you wish to create your universe, scene by scene until your story is sketched out.”

Keep your story relevant.

To put it another way, is there anything specific that frustrates you in real life? Because the world is yours, you may explore it through your tale, and, who knows, you could be speaking for others worldwide who have read your book and shared your viewpoints.

Think like a cinematographer

Sometimes writers become so engrossed in their worlds that they produce block paragraph after block paragraph of description. This is a blunder. In Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, did we ever get an ultra-wide picture of the entire Middle Earth? Certainly not! That would be tedious for the audience, not to mention pointless. Instead, cinematographers carefully design each shot to show you where the performers are. This is precisely how you should present yourself to the world.

While writing fantasy, it is up to you to decide. Return to revising that third draught, or settle down and finally begin that Gothic Fantasy you’ve been wondering about since Twilight. Federico has mentioned some main points to consider when writing a fantasy story. He adds that writing is difficult, regardless of genre or age group, and you should constantly remind yourself of your ability; relish the magic at your fingertips. That is the magic you possess in real life; make it an aim to hone your skills and enjoy wielding your power!


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