It’s morning. You get ready, prepare a cup of coffee, clear your desk and sit down for study. There are just a few months left for your JEE exams. You open your physics book and start solving questions. You solve a few and there it is, a question you are not able to solve. You are stuck on that question and can’t move ahead. A little demotivating, isn’t it? Sometimes you feel there were some other means to study. Sometimes you don’t want to study alone but due to the current pandemic situation, you have to. Sometimes you need extra guidance for IIT JEE doubt clearing but isn’t available. All of this results in you eventually giving up your study and getting distracted. What if I told you that all of these problems could be solved? Read ahead to find how.

Fellow IIT aspirants, did you know that now you can get any doubt solved? You don’t need to be stuck on the same question for hours and bear no result. Instead, use Kunduz. Kunduz is an app that allows you to upload the photo of your doubts or questions which then will be solved and sent to you by their expert teachers. It is a perfect app for JEE doubt solving. In case you still didn’t completely understand it, chat with their faculty and quench your thirst for queries. Not only that but the app comes loaded with a question bank that you can use to practice. It’s not just a physics doubts app, the app has questions on all the subjects and solutions by teachers. Be clearing JEE doubts or any other competitive exam’s doubt, the teachers will guide you. Get solutions to your queries in 15  minutes. Now no more being stuck on one question for hours.

Want to stay organized? Tired of all your pdf notes scattered around in your device? Use Notion! Stay organized, write, collaborate with friends and plan your study timetable with this all-in-one workspace. Keep all your digital notes in one place with this app. You can use the studystack website to make flashcards of your questions, after answering you can flip them to see if the answer was right or wrong. Another website you can use is GoConqr, where you can make maps for broad topics, breaking them into small parts, for better understanding. The site comes with many other useful features. One website which you can use in the pandemic if you don’t like studying alone is study, where you can join a zoom meeting and study with strangers online. Everyone is mute in the meeting and it is 24/7 open for you to study long hours. This site is being used by many students in the pandemic to study.

As you see, there are many options available online to help you study better. Use the websites and apps above for smart studying in your preparation for competitive exams. Best of luck.


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