Top 5 Roles of NGOs in Promoting Education in India


When it comes to the educations, it plays a vital role in every human life. Education is an only platform to gain more knowledge and skills, which helps to build your career in the right way. Without education, most people are suffered with poverty and backwardness. If the people want to succeed in their life and the option is getting educated. Apart from that, lack of quality also available in education system. In this case, NGOs are working towards short of out these kinds of problems. Continue reading to know about role of NGOs in promoting girl child education in India

Why NGOs is needed to promote education?

As previously said, NGOs helps to provide quality education to the most marginalized and deprived children. Why because government alone cannot bring all children into the fold of education. Therefore, several NGOs have been working to extend education to underprivileged children. The best thing about NGOs girl child education in India is they try to spreading awareness on the importance of getting good education at the grass root level.


  • Spreading awareness


NGOs are working towards to spread awareness amongst the parents and the communities. They try to showing the right way to the every parent by telling education is the legitimate right of all children. NGOs are mostly choose the places to work where the children are moving to work by dropping their education, so they will counsels parents and elders on the importance of sending children to school.


  • Improving education quality


Another role of NGO is to the penetration of quality education among the most deprived children. In this case, they are giving the teaching training to the Children train teachers by using child-friendly and interactive teaching-learning methods. Also, they set infrastructure right, libraries, along with that they conduct computer, English classes, extra-curricular activities and sports.


  • Enrolling children into formal schools 


NGOs are forming a Children Groups (CGs) and School Management Committees (SMCs) with the help of local communities. After forming the committee, NGOs will work with them to ensure that they take accountability of the development of the children in their community. Massive enrolment drives will be conducted to find out out-of-school and vulnerable children, and those children are enrolled into formal schools in age-appropriate classes. 

  1. Implementing learning methodology

There are a lot of learning methodologies available in education system. However, group learning is one of the best learning methods, which helps to the children to learn better, fast and promotes healthy competition. In classrooms, it encourages and helps children to undertake learning activities in groups.

  1. Reducing child labour

Most NGO for girls are working towards to reducing child labour. Child labours are mostly available in a large number of urban poor areas, slum or slum-like areas. Therefore, they are targeting those kinds of places and promoting the importance of education.  Apart from that, they are running learning centres in every street. If the children are willing to study, NGOs are helping them to sending school by providing school fees.

Final thoughts 

The importance of the role NGOs can play in the spread of education in various fields. Therefore, NGOs are trying their best along with existing Government machinery, and their primary goal is no child is left behind when it comes to getting education.