Top 5 Tips to Help You Pass the NEBOSH Exam


If you are currently taking any NEBOSH courses, then you should be preparing for your exams. Passing a test is the only way for you to acquire the National General Certificate in Occupational and Safety qualification. The exams is usually given over a single day and it covers all aspects of the whole course from health and safety legislation, dealing with manual handling to practicing first aid in the working place. Here are a few tips that will enable you pass the exams and acquire a valuable qualification that will boost your career. 

Focus On the Prize

Preparing for exams involves a lot of work on top of what you already have. However, having the right qualification will be a major boost to your career. A NEBOSH qualification will open new doors for you and help in career progression. Therefore, you need to focus on the task at hand and set your priorities right to ensure that you pass the exams the first time and avoid re-sits. 

Attend NEBOSH Certificate Revision courses 

If possible, you should attend revision courses for this certification. This will put you in an environment where you will mingle with both peers and expert tutors. This will enable you to practice the exam questions, ask questions, and get feedback regarding your performance. Whenever you are in doubt, you can make inquiries from your tutors. Many organizations accept candidates on their NEBOSH Glasgow Certificate revision courses even for students who are studying elsewhere. So take that opportunity and prepare for your upcoming exams. 

Use Past papers to practice

You should take a look at the past papers to help you practice the examinations technique. This will help you assess the kind of questions that you are likely to face. You can also sit a mock exam before the actual exam to help you prepare better. This will ensure that you gauge the amount of time you will need to handle each question and the time you need to write your answers. 

Get Adequate Time to Study

It is recommended that you put in 53 hours of self-study when taking NEBOSH courses. It is crucial that you give yourself enough time to study even in the pretty hectic time that people face today. Dedicating a few hours of study each day will create a pattern that will make it easier for you to adhere to consistently. 

 Organization is Key

Studying for a NEBOSH exam can be extremely challenging. This is why you need to organize your workload. The best thing is to create a list of areas that your feel you are not good at. This will ensure that you focus more on these areas. Furthermore, you will be able to cover all areas in your preparation while putting more strength on fields you are weakest in. 

When preparing for your exams, you should keep yourself abreast of all the developments within the health and safety industry. There are countless websites that can help you keep-up-to-date with recent news. With all the above-mentioned tips in mind, you will surely pass your NEBOSH Glasgow exams and advance your career as a safety professional. 



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