Top # Benefits of enrolling for a Systemic Team Coaching Certification Program


What is meant by Systemic Team coaching?

Of late coaching has become an accepted norm and there are now many qualified and Certified coaches practicing independently as well as applying their skills in organisations. While these coaches may use their skills to coach individuals and even at times coach teams, it is important to note that teams function differently than individuals and the principles that are successful in coaching individuals often fail in coaching teams.

It is the critical nature of teams in today’s world as well the difference in coaching individuals vis a vis teams that lead to the rise of Systemic Team Coaching as discipline. Systemic Team Coaching finds its origin in the field of Organisational Psychology and studies the role of the individual in relation to the team.

What is a Systemic Team Coach Certification Program?

The role of a Systemic Team Coach is to help a team work together as a cohesive unit but the role does not stop there. It extends to enabling the team to work successfully with all other stakeholders as well.  This requires skills which go well beyond those needed in individual coaching.

The Systemic Team Coach Certification upskills existing coaches to be able to work with team dynamics and to be able to coach teams to enhance their performance. The role of a Systemic Team Coach is much more complex and the Systemic Team Coach Certification Program, is designed to help leaders and coaches be the Coach that the team needs to work as a coordinated unit in current times of uncertainty and dynamic change. Click here to know more about it.

What are the program details of the systemic team coaching certification program?

The Systemic Team Coaching Certification Program is based on the core competencies and ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This program helps both existing coaches and established leaders to elevate their team coaching skills through online coaching sessions. It includes mentored classroom sessions, self-study hours, group work, and assessments.

Aspiring systemic team coaches need to complete their coursework and assignments during this certification program. The program is monitored by trained ICF-certified coaching faculty.

Who can benefit from a Systemic Team Coaching Certification Program?

Systemic team coaching certification programs are beneficial for:

  • Professional coaches who are interested in developing their careers as team coaches as part of an organisation or as an external consultant.
  • Team leaders, managers, and organizational leaders who wish to enhance their leadership qualities by acquiring team coaching skills

What are the benefits of enrolling in a Systemic Team Coach certification program?

  • Coaching at multiple levels – A Systemic Team Coach learns to work on multiple levels. At one end of the spectrum, they learn to work with the individual and at the other end with the team. They also work at a third level of the organisation. The depth and complexity of skills required for this is imparted by the Systemic Team Coach Certification Program.
  • Developing Expertise as a Coach in Team Building and Team Dynamics – A Systemic Team coach is by definition an expert in coaching teams. The Systemic Team Coaching Program through its many modules works to build this expertise in leaders as well as existing coaches who need or want to work with teams to make them more effective.
  • Become a Valuable resource for any Organisation – In today’s VUCA world the ability to build cohesive teams is highly valued. The systemic team coach certification program is designed to build this skill and it has multiple applications across organisations. It makes any certified practitioner a valuable resource as a coach or an employee.

The Systemic Team Coach Certification Program is thus one that anyone wishing to work with teams and build better organisations should consider adding to their portfolio.