Top Non-Engineering Careers for Engineers


Engineering degree programs prepare most students for careers in the discipline of their choice. Although typical jobs in the fields of chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical design among others can be rewarding, not every engineering student is looking for a traditional role. The skills and knowledge gained in college can be transferable, serving you well in other types of careers. Take a look at these potential non-engineering jobs for graduates.

Investment Banking

On its surface, investment banking might seem like a world away from any engineering discipline. The reality is that many graduates have strong analytical skills with a facility for mathematics. Competency in the use of spreadsheets is another skill that would transfer well to the world of finance. A solid understanding of accounting and finance would support the analytical and technical skills gained from an engineering education. Consider going to business school and experience in finance-related work if you think investment banking may be a good fit.


Engineers tend to be great at problem solving. The world of consulting is a broad field that tends to be a great fit for those with mathematical and scientific backgrounds. You can work on contracts for local, state and federal agencies, or you can provide guidance to other companies on how to improve their business practices, leveraging your technical background and expertise with technology. You might find working in Microsoft Dynamics Jobs to be a great use of your skills that is also gratifying.

Technical Writing

If you have strong written and oral communication skills, you should ponder a career in technical writing. Technology and engineering-based companies need writers with strong technical backgrounds to draft descriptions and/or instructions for various products and processes. An engineer with a strong technical skill and a talent for breaking down complex subjects into digestible, easy-to-comprehend forms should consider this field.


While there may be plenty of salespeople, not all of them have technical backgrounds. Working in sales for engineering, industrial and tech companies often requires both interpersonal and technical skills. Are you someone who likes being social and dealing with people on a regular basis?  Sales is an essential function for nearly every company, so technical sellers is a job function with great stability and long-term earning potential.

While many engineering students go on to traditional roles, there’s no rule that says you have to do the same. As a student, you have gained and cultivated many skills that are particularly useful in non-engineering fields. You have the knowledge and abilities to explore many career possibilities.