Top Resume Writing Tips That Will Help You to Land a Good Job


Employers make use of resumes throughout their hiring process and learn more about the applicants and if they are a good fit their organization or now. Your CV must be simple to read, summarize all your skills and accomplishments, and highlight the most relevant experience. Here are some top tips for a good CV that will help you write the good resume.

CV writing tips

Whereas there are some commonly used CV styles, so make sure your resume must reflect your qualification, experience and most relevant skills. You have to consider multiple versions of the resume tailored for the jobs that you are applying for. So, here are some important CV writing tips that can help you to organize & design the resume.

Search for the keywords in job postings

Best place you can start when writing a resume is reading the job postings carefully that interest you. When you apply for various jobs, you must study every job description for the keywords, which show what employer is searching for in the perfect candidate. Include the keywords into your resume where possible.

Review CV examples

Whenever crafting the resume, you need to study the examples of CV’s from the industry for the best practices and inspiration. Whereas there are a lot of ways you may use the resume samples, there’re 3 primary takeaways that you must look out for:

Make it easy and simple to read. The resume samples are very straightforward and simple. It is because the employers have very less time to review the resume, thus readability is very important. This means choosing the professional and clean font.

Must be brief – You will notice that every section of your resume sample needs to be on point and is short, including summary as well as experience descriptions. That includes just the most key & relevant info means employers can consume more details about you, and know your fitness for that role.

Add numbers. You may notice that there’re metrics included in an experience section of the resume samples. It is because the employers are very responsive to the measurable proven value. The numbers will allow them to understand value that you might bring to this position.

Use professional font

Employers generally have very short time to go through your resume; it must be clear and simple to read. You must use the basic and clean font like Times New Roman or Arial. Keep the font size 10 to 12 points. Choosing the clear and readable font can help to make your CV look more professional. You must ensure that you reduce and eliminate extraneous whitespace. Plenty of blank space will make your CV appear sparse, distracting your audience and raising the red flag.


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