Unique Career Choices for Students Interested in Professional Translation


Are you currently studying a foreign language and wondering whether you should pursue a career in translation? Becoming a professional translator can open up a wide range of in-demand career options to you and could potentially provide fascinating and intellectually stimulating work. Check out these unique career paths you could pursue in the professional language industry.

Provide Personal Translation Services

In some cases, you may be able to find positions working for individuals or families as a live-in or go-to translator. For instance, you could provide translation services for families in Florida or live full-time with an individual who requires language translation wherever he or she goes. This option can be similar to being a live-in nanny, chef or other personal assistant.

Enter the Business World in Localization or Marketing

One booming option for translation professionals today is entering the world of business translation. Many companies that do business internationally need help with global localization and related marketing efforts. As a specialized business translator, you could:

  • Translate international ad campaigns
  • Help localize different products and services
  • Provide cultural and linguistic insightfor international offices

Try Your Hand at Literary Translation

If you’ve got more of a creative streak, why not try your luck at literary translation? This option could allow you to freelance or work on a contract or full-time basis for a major publishing house. In this career path, you could find yourself translating everything from short poetry volumes or art captions to full-length novels and similar pieces of literature. If you have a passion and talent for the written word, this path could suit you well.

Offering professional translation services can allow you to enter a wide range of sectors, use your language skills every day and provide in-demand services. Whether you’re interested in personal translation, business translation or literary translation, this linguistic profession could offer you several unique and potentially rewarding career paths.