What are the Specializations you can Consider after MBBS


Whenever we enter any well-established hospital, nursing home or clinic, at the area of reception, we may encounter a huge board with the names of doctors and their corresponding specializations. In this competition-driven world of the medical industry in India, there aren’t many possibilities for doctors who have done only an MBBS course in India and who don’t have any prior specializations. Once your MBBS course in India is over, it’s very integral for you to specialize in a particular medical stream so that you outshine in your medical career and study the human mechanism in depth and detail. 

Once a candidate who has finished his/her MBBS or even after their admission in MBBS course in India, he/she invests a lot of time in choosing which specialization they must go for in the future. In order to assist them with making the right decision with their lives, here is a list of some lucrative specializations they can opt for. 

The specialization in the treatment of muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, and nerves is done by a candidate, he/she is said to be an orthopedic surgeon. It is one of the highest paying and respected specializations one can possibly do. 

A warm welcome to all those child lovers out there. Pediatricians are the ones who engage with infants, children until they are teenagers. It is further divided into pediatric cardiology, community pediatrics, general pediatrics, and neonatology. In order to be a pediatrician, you need to take science stream in your 10+2, do MBBS as well as MD (Doctor of Medicine).

Gynecology is meant to be the specialization that deals with the female reproductive system and it aids women to give birth. In order to be a gynecologist after MBBS Course in India, you got to take (MD) degree in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Real life experience is integral for a gynecologist.

Plastic Surgery
Plastic Surgery is one of the most profound specializations that one can do after MBBS. Dysfunctional body organs can be amended with plastic surgery. Here are a few examples- scar revision surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction and so on. M.S. Plastic Surgery is required to become a plastic surgeon after the completion of one’s MBBS.

The science that has anything to do with glands in the human mechanism is the endocrinology. They treat thyroid patients who have hormonal imbalances in their bodies. Menopause, osteoporosis, cholesterol problem, infertility, ovary dysfunctionalities and a lot more are dealt with by an endocrinologist. 

Treatments regarding any emotional, mental or behavioral dysfunctions are dealt with a doctor with psychiatry. Panic attacks, hopelessness, suicidal tendency, long-term sadness, frightening hallucinations are diagnosed by a psychiatrist.


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