A psychological assessment is done in order to diagnose and treat the mental health condition of a disturbed individual. It allows the psychologist to gain an insight into what exactly is happening in an individual’s mind. Psychological tests and assessments are two different components used in psychological evaluation. The testing part involves various formal and standardized tests using which you get to know the clinical conditions of the patient. The assessment can be performed in the form of formal tests and informal tests that are used to measure the performance and progress made by the patient on various activities.

Basic components of a psychological assessment:

Some of the important components of Psychological Assessment Children Singapore include surveys and tests, interviews, medical and school history, observational data and much more. The assessment can help you determine a huge variety of things related to your disorder. This will also help to come to a proper conclusion regarding how exactly the patient can be treated to get the best results. The various important components of the psychological assessment have been mentioned below:

Behavioural test: A behavioural test is all about how exactly you are going to perform in a particular situation. A behavioural test is mainly used to measure your personality, attitude, interest and values. It is going to give your psychologist an idea of who you are as a person and what your aims and motives in life are. The psychologist will get to understand you and your intentions in a better way. He will also gain an insight into what exactly is happening in your mind when you are in a particular situation.

Personality test: The personality test is mainly done in order to throw light on your personality. The psychologist will also understand what factors have actually shaped your personality. It can either be genetics or the environment in which you live. Sometimes, social circumstances have also got a very big role to play in determining your personality. The personality test is mainly done by the mental health professional in order to understand what kind of care you require and what should be the best form of treatment for you.

IQ Test: Although this test is not as common as a personality test or a behavioural test, it may be used in order to address your specific needs. Your IQ can be tested in different ways. It is mainly done in order to understand your intellectual capabilities along with your future possibilities.  An IQ test is used to measure your problem-solving abilities, your academic learning, your judgement, our abstract thinking method and your reasoning skills. Your IQ test may not reflect your actual IQ performance. So, an interview may also be conducted along with your teachers, friends and family members. They will be able to give a complete picture of your general IQ.

And these are some of the most important components of psychological assessments. You can also get Psychological Intervention Children Singapore and make your child’s life a better one.


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