What comics are?


Comic is a medium which is used to express ideas with images. It is often combined with text or other kind of visual information. These comics are very famous in kids but, adults are also used to read it help us to experience a fascinating world of illusion. It makes us happy and entertains us with lots of fun.

Which comics is the best now a day?

 As fast as the best comic is concerned then you need to learn about the term อ่านการ์ตูน. This is the term which came from Japan and spread it legs world wide.Reading manga is always the best thing about a person who loves to live in illusion and fascinating world. The images of it which is hand drawn drag our attention towards it and tempt us to read it series by series.

Where this term มังงะ is originated?

This term was used by artist Hokusai very first time. It was originated in japan. The script which is being used to write this novel or comic is kanji. It is a Japanese form of writing which is used to write Japanese literature. The specific quality of this script is it start from right and ends on left.

Where you can read manga novels?

Here is the list of the sources where you can be able to read manga with its whole series.


  • Shonen Jump (Android, iOS, Browser)
  • Crunchyroll (Android, iOS, Browser) 
  • Book Walker
  • Renta (Browser) 
  • Manga Club

What is the มังงะ ever?

There are lots of modern classic novels available in Japan, andworld wide; here is the list of some classic manga novels

  1. Dragon bulls by Akira Tori Yana
  2. Death note by Tsugumi ohba as well as takashi obata
  3. My hero Academia by koheihurikoshi
  4. Fruits basket by natsukitokaya.

The reason behind its Fame is its style of presentation and attractive image. The way story lines and images are presented in it is outstanding and show the creativity of an artist. 

Manga novels are available in each as well as it has every category for that person who loves different kind of fascinating world.

For those who love spy and detective stories, Detective Canon is there for those novel Lovers, as well as for those who loves food as well as it has historical stories Nobunga no chef novel is there for them. World of novels are amazing.