What subjects will be covered in an online MBA?


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs are tailored to prepare you for leadership on the global platform. This article will give an in-depth idea of the essential topics included in an online MBA course curriculum.

  • Business Environment, Ethics and Strategy

    This subject explores the context of strategic analysis and business decision-making concerning the ethical framework for global stakeholders.
  • Global Leadership

    Students gain knowledge of leadership theories and consider best practices that distinguish successful leaders from normal business personnel.

  • Human Interfaces

    You can gain an understanding of the human dynamics in an organizational context that is critical to productivity and performance in the office.

  • Research Methodologies and Inquiry

    The course will focus on the quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods that are required to write effective research papers on business administration.

  • Managerial Accounting

    This module investigates employing of accounting information in the managerial decisions during the planning and controlling process.
  • Marketing Management

    Marketing principles that can help graduates implement a marketing strategy for a business entity.

  • Operations Management

    Operations management teaches students to implement and monitor processes for delivering quality products and services are to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Global Human Resource

    This course provides training on developing strategies, policies, procedures and systems, structures, to manage human resources on a global scale.

  • Financial Management

    This course looks at the impact of effective financial decisions both internal and external to the organization.

  • Consulting Practice

    This module is designed to develop the skills needed to build relationships with internal and external clients.

  • Project Management

    This subject examines the need for a deeper involvement of teams in every operation of a business.
  • Strategic Management

    Strategic management focuses on business strategy formulation and actions taken by top management to improve the performance of internal and external financial situation.
  • Change Management

    This course will explore the intervention theory related to the dynamics of changes in the business environment.
  • Negotiations

    This subject deals with the theory and processes of negotiation as well as techniques needed to analyze personal behaviour in negotiations.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    This course does not just provide a brief overview of digital marketing, but also a framework for creating innovative marketing strategies on digital platforms.

  • Marketing Promotion

    This course will introduce students to the integrated marketing communications (IMC) perspective of advertising and promotions.

  • International Marketing

    This course enables candidates to practice applying marketing strategies in the context of the foreign market.
  • Investment Analysis and Management

    After completion of this course, students will gain foundational knowledge of investment concepts and security characteristics. These can be further applied to analysing various types of investment securities and portfolio to be managed.
  • Personal Financial Planning

    This subject entails financial planning issues and strategies required to achieve long term financial planning goals such as retirement.

  • Global Financial Institutions Management

    This course builds upon the financial institutions, risks involved and regulatory framework. Additionally, students learn about the approaches to monitoring and managing those risks.

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