What to Expect at an International School?



Every parent wants his or her child to get a good education. For those parents who want to foster intellectual curiosity and resilience, it can help to enrol your child in an international school like The Perse School Singapore. Read on to find out what to expect when enrolling a child in a high-quality international school.

A Balanced Curriculum

Part of what helps international schools stand out is their focus on fostering students’ curiosity and instilling a love of learning from a young age. That requires a balanced curriculum that gives young students the opportunity to explore different disciplines and gain a variety of educational experiences. Parents can speak with an enrollment coordinator to discuss different programs and after-school initiatives to discover what options are available.

Respect for Different Cultures

In today’s increasingly globalized world, it’s important for good international citizens to understand and respect cultural differences. The process of learning about different cultures should start at a young age through exposure and dedicated classroom programs. At international schools, students will meet and befriend peers from a wide variety of backgrounds both in the classroom and during other school events.

Highly Knowledgeable Teachers

Parents can expect the teachers, administrators, and support staff to hail from all over the world, including the local community. Each teacher will have dedicated training in his or her field, and the student-to-teacher ratios will be kept low enough to ensure every child enrolled in the school gets the personalized attention he or she needs. The school should also exhibit a commitment to both the local community and global citizenship and establish partnerships with sister institutions in other countries.

A Distinguished History

When parents enroll their students in an international school like The Perse School, they can rest easy with the knowledge their children will become part of a long and distinguished history. This should be the case with any highly acclaimed international school. However, parents who want the peace of mind of knowing their students are enrolled in highly acclaimed, prestigious primary or secondary schools should check into each institution’s history for themselves.

Room to Grow

It’s important for students of all ages to have access to well-equipped facilities, but primary school students, in particular, need a lot of room to grow. Since international schools pride themselves on fostering not just academic advancement but personal advancement as well, they typically feature diverse spaces. These can include not just classrooms and science laboratories but also music rooms, activity rooms, art rooms, and outdoor learning spaces.

Plenty of Parent Involvement

Modern parents want to know their children are in good hands. They should have plenty of opportunities to get involved through community meetings and events. Those who want to play a more active role in their child’s education should have opportunities to join committees, help with fundraising, and stay engaged with their children’s educational experience.

Final Thoughts

Enrolling a child in an international primary school is the best way to get the student’s academic career off to the right start. Parents should begin investigating their options for the next school year now to ensure they do not miss any admission deadlines.



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